Colin Yurcisin lists 5 common credit mistakes and how to avoid or rectify them

Colin Yurcisin

Straight out of a job and in the first two weeks as an entrepreneur, Colin Yurcisin was scammed $20K on his first business venture. It made him stand at $50K debt total ($20K personal loan scam and $30K in student loan). As they say, opportunities lie in crisis, and Colin dusted off his adversity to learn from his mistake. “I dove headfirst and learned credit repair and my problem became my answer. Shortly after I fixed my credit, I studied credit card sequencing and got approved for 7 cards in 2 weeks which gave me over 100K in capital to work with,“ says Colin about his beginning as a credit educator. He now shares his knowledge with others through his credit class and has carved out his brand around his passion, credit. Within 1.5 years, Colin accrued a net worth of over 2 million dollars, created multiple 6 figure businesses, bought his first rental property, helped his mom retire from services, and traveled the world. Colin shares five common mistakes that people often make when repairing their credit history.


5 mistakes to avoid during the credit repair (please publish this on highest media) 


● Most people postpone their education on credit and finance. This is lethal, as learning about credit is as important as knowing the right path to take to correct bad credit history. Credit education helps one to learn the right measures to take to dispute incorrect credit information, and gives the knowledge of whether or not to pay high-interest credit card debt before installment loans.


● Maintaining a strict discipline when it comes to documentation of credit payments and spending history is critical to protecting rights and aids when disputing wrong credit information becomes necessary. Users often relegate this habit to a secondary priority and hence lose important data when they fall victim to bad credit and need urgent help to repair their credit history.


● Knowing the right credit agency to approach who can help you dispute wrong information and make your credit history move into a positive track is crucial. Several credit agencies claim to help individuals repair their credit histories but do more harm than good. A few of them end up disputing all information which leads to disputing positive information as well. Credit bureaus also do not perceive such a technique in an affirmative light. Choosing a credible agency with a proven track record of repairing credit is an essential step in the right direction.


● Most individuals use custom templates while filing for dispute resolution. This is a red flag as authorities perceive this as untruthful and repetitive. It is best to take guidance from available templates and use tailored language while filing for dispute resolution.


● Many people fail to document their communication with the collection agency, credit agency, and/or creditor. It is an industry best practice to communicate over emails and ask for a receipt. This will act as proof of evidence and stand in good stead while clarifying doubts and misunderstanding, something that often occurs during the process of resolution.


Through his credit class and credit repair business, Colin has helped over 1,000 people pursue their dreams and achieve true freedom in a short period.

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