Collaborate for development – Dr Letsa to MDCEs

Politics Mdces Pms
Politics Mdces Pms

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, the Volta Regional Minister has called for collaboration between the Municipal and District Chief Executives (MDCEs) and Presiding Members in the performance of their roles to facilitate rapid development.

He said they must forge unity and galvanise all resources available to champion the aspirations of the people.

Dr Letsa was speaking at a Conference of Presiding Members in the region in Ho.

He said MDCEs and PMs must be bold to communicate the challenges the country was facing to the citizenry to get them to support the plans and activities of the Assemblies through the payment of fees and levies as well embarking on self-help projects with some form of assistance from the Assemblies.

He said the negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy aggravated by the Russian-Ukraine had affected inversely balance of payment situation, the exchange rate regime, and the supply, and demand of food as well as gas and oil products.

The Regional Minister said the situation had negatively affected the financial resources available to the District Assemblies for development and added that there were efforts by the government towards restoring the country on a path of sustained growth for the benefit of all.

Mr Patrick Kwame Ahiabu, Dean of PMs, said the Conference was to take decision on how scarce resources could be maximised and revenues mobilized at the district assemblies for their effective running.

He said the region was well endowed with fertile lands, which could support most traditional crops but due to land litigation and delay in adjudicating land issues, it was not helping investment and called for a crusade to change the status quo.

Mr Ahiabu noted that the timespan of the “Agenda 111” projects in the region might be affected since some districts were in court over ownership of land.

He commended the Regional Minister for the good work in terms of bringing investors into the various districts in terms of agriculture, tourism, education, and health.

The Conference was themed: “The Ravaging Effects of COVID-19, the Russian-Ukraine War and the Scarcity of Resources for Development, the Role of the Municipal and District Chief Executives (MDCEs) and Presiding Members (PMs).”

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