Commonsense Appraisal Of “Bloody Widow’s” Alleged Donation to Ayawaso West Wuogon Shooting Victim

Madam Lydia Alhassan
Madam Lydia Alhassan

The word “commonsense” may sound common and ordinary but it takes rational and right thinking persons with their heads properly screwed to their necks to appreciate and make good use of it. It appears Madam Lydia Alhassan, though may have all the wisdom and wealth in the world, is struggling to knock the knot of commonsense into her skull to aid her newly acquired status in life.

This woman, in the company of her minions, walked into 37 military hospital, after she was scolded for profiting from bloodshed, and allegedly donated GHC5000 to Ishau Yaro, one of the victims of the Ayawaso West Wuogon shooting incident. Less than 24 hours after she made the media to publish this news to court public sympathy, the family of the gentleman issued a statement to rebuff the donation.

According to the family, “for the avoidance of doubt, we have crosschecked with all persons officially assigned to take care of our son at the hospital and, we can authoritatively say, without any scintilla of contradiction, that no donation came to us from the outfit of Madam Lydia Alhassan.” Sensing an everlasting embarrassment, Madam Lydia Alhassan published ‘receipt’ of the supposed donation on social media. Interestingly, the receipt was in the name of the Ghana Armed Forces.

If that receipt is authentic, then it stands to reason that she made the donation to GAF and not the family of Ishau Yaro, who has since January 31 when Lydia Alhassan’s sponsored gun totting armed robbers shot their brother in the leg, has been footing his medical bills. It is instructive to note that neither the State nor GAF is paying or has so far paid the medical expenses of Ishau Yaro. It is therefore unconceivable why a donation for the upkeep of the victim will be supposedly made to GAF and not to the family who are bearing the expenses. Even if Lydia Alhassan does not trust the family to make good use of the money, thus her decision to deposit the money with GAF, why did she do it without the knowledge of the family?

Which right thinking person does that? So you walk into a hospital and dump money there just because you have it in abundance to foot the medical bills of a person you schemed attacked on without the knowledge of his family and, you expect the family to applaud you for a good work done? Who visits patients in hospitals without first alerting his/her family or those officially assigned to see to his/her needs? Isn’t it strange that National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Sammy Awuku; deputy Information Minister, Pius Enam Hadzide and others, followed Lydia Alhassan sheepishly to 37 military hospital to do what they are alleged to have done without any of them wearing their thinking caps, just for a second, to alert the self-acclaimed widow that there was the need to confer with Ishau Yaro’s family?

From the narratives and the receipt evidence available, the family of Ishau Yaro did the right thing by issuing the release to deny knowledge of the said donation. Lydia Alhassan’s own statement, as reported in the media, confirmed the family’s stance that no cash donation was made to them. Indeed, they were not informed of any donation. The family’s stance is further consolidated when it came to light that it has assigned someone who has so far received all donations from functionaries of the National Democratic Congress for the upkeep of their son. These are donations they are aware of and can speak to, not what the counterfeit widow and her men did in the dark.

I don’t hold brief for the family of Ishau Yaro’s family but I think they are right to say they do not need any donation from Lydia Alhaasan whose hands are soiled with the blood of their son. Lydia Alhassan may not have pulled a trigger at Ayawaso West Wuogon but those NPP sponsored marauders pulled the trigger and shot Ishau Yaro to further her dream of entering the law making house. It was on the basis of the shooting incident that the NDC pulled out of the election to allow Lydia Alhassan enjoy easy sailing to victory. It was that incident that secured victory for her. Assuming, for the purpose of argument, the incident had not happened and NDC stayed on till close of polls, Lydia Alhassan may probably not be throwing her weight about as a legislator.

For the NDC to garner over 5000 votes just two hours into election against Lydia Alhassan’s 12000 after the end of polls at 5:00pm, is enough to cursory conclude that she could have lost the election but for Ishau Yaro’s shooting incident. She cannot be happily walking on her two legs, priding herself as newly elected MP whilst Ishau Yaro is on the hospital bed in pain and on the verge of losing one of his legs, and expects the family to opportunely accept donation from her. Muslims have strong aversion for pork, and accordingly do not sip soup prepared with pork. Likewise, the family of Ishau Yaro are not at peace with Lydia Alhassan and will not accept anything from her for the upkeep of him even if they do not have.

Comrade Ishau Yaro’s disability occasioned by Lydia Alhassan will persist until he finally joins his maker but the alleged widow will gleefully enjoin the trappings of being an MP and may never ask of the whereabouts of Ishau Yaro after he has been discharged. My understanding is that Ishau Yaro is a footballer. His football career has been prematurely truncated because of the ambition of Lydia Alhassan. And when she is branded “bloody widow”, then the hypocritical moral preachers are quick to counsel us to apply the “societal/cultural value theory”.

Story By Amos Blessing Amorse

Asabaham – Domeabra Obom

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