COMOG wants government to weed out unscrupulous individuals in society

Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG)
Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG)

The Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG), has called on the leadership of the country, especially the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, to weed out unscrupulous individuals and groups in communities and on the media.

Such individuals and groups included; those who had taken over communities and media space for their spiritual activities including; exhibition of “quick money” provision powers.

COMOG in a statement signed by its Committee Chairman for Dawah and Inter-Religious Dialogue, Sheikh Abdur Rahman Botchway, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, condemned the recent murder of the 10-year old boy, Ishmael Mensah Abdallah for alleged ritual purposes of just making money.

“As a country, we have no future if our up and coming youth have this perception about life that life is all about making money even if it means taking human life. We, therefore, call on relevant institutions, especially the National Communications Authority and the National Media Commission to subject our media houses to scrutiny to ensure that their programme content for public consumption is safe,” it said.

It advised that amid COVID-19, the public continued to adhere to the safety protocols, especially Muslims as they went about the congressional prayers as law abiding citizens and individuals.

“Finally, we call on all Muslims to remember that as the fasting person’s prayer is answered until he/she breaks the fast, we must pray excessively for ourselves, our families and relatives, our scholars, our leaders, our departed souls and for mother Ghana for unity, peace, stability, and prosperity,” it said.

It also asked them to utilise the period of fasting in the best manner to promote virtuous acts to ensure peace, stability and development.

“Ramadan is the month wherein Allah shows much Mercy to His servants, forgives our sins and assures us of Emancipation from the hell fire. Let us therefore be merciful and sympathetic to the vulnerable in society, forgive one another of wrongs done and forge ahead as a community of believers in the omnipotence of Allah,” he advised.


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