Compassion International calls for concerted efforts to build potentials of youth

Ho Social Youth Future
Ho Social Youth Future

Compassion International Ghana, the local chapter of Compassion International has called for concerted efforts from all to build and maximise the potentials of youth to make meaningful contributions to society.

Mr. Richard Baku, the organisation’s partnership facilitator for Tongu Cluster projects, said the youth “constitute the true wealth and future of our country.”

Thus, the country had no option than to get her priorities right by creating the right framework for them to develop their full potential to address the many challenges facing society.

Mr. Baku made the call during a programme at Mafi Adidome, in the North Tongu District, organised in partnership with local churches for the youth from deprived communities across the three Tongu Districts as part of this year’s International Youth Day celebration.

The programme, monitored by the Ghana News Agency was themed “Inter-generational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages” and had young ones showcasing their talents in various ways including cultural performances.

Mr. Baku said the theme emphasised the need for collective action across generations to address issues affecting young people such as lack of access to quality education, inadequate mentoring opportunities, inadequate recreational and counseling facilities, high unemployment and hard drug and substance use.

He advocated the youth to be given opportunities to unite, engage in activities related to their needs and participate in decision making process.

“In that way, it is possible to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensure that no one is left behind

“Building solidarity that transcends generations is non-negotiable. Blending the experience and wisdom of the older generation with the enthusiasm and zeal of the younger generation will bring a better meaning to our quest for socio-economic development. The youth are a valuable resource that can be annexed for national development,” Mr Baku said.

Ms Ivy Priscilla Setordjie, a journalist with the Multimedia Group based in the Volta Region who gave the keynote address described the 2022 theme as apt saying, it underlined the importance of action across all ages to attain the SDGs and not just focusing on the youth.

She urged the government to give more youths opportunities to prove their worth in various fields, noting that the youthful population was a crucial resource, without which, sufficient job prospects would remain untapped.

“We have to give more youth leadership roles instead of relying on the already experienced ones who are rather supposed to sit back and guide the young ones to drive the workforce of the country,” she said.

Mr. Israel Akrobortu, Volta Regional Director, Department of Children, took participants through rights of children/teenagers including education that needed to be protected by all for their welfare and the future of Ghana.

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