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The Ghana Police Service yesterday unveiled an ambitious programme seeking to re-affirm public confidence in the service.

Dubbed, the Public Confidence Re-affirmation Campaign, the programme seeks to address some weaknesses, both operational and administrative, identified by the Police Administration after a self-critical assessment which was informed by widespread public criticism.

What is heartwarming is the fact that the Police Administration publicly acknowledged some of the challenges that had contributed to the sinking image of the service. Some of these are excessive use of force, illegal/over detention of suspects, poor management of remand prisoners, extortion of money, deliberately poor prosecution of cases in court, demanding money before granting bail, unlawful arrests, settling old scores, among other operational weaknesses.

As the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan, said at the launch, ?it is an established fact that image, prestige and reputation are corporate values worth protecting at all times. These values are a vital motivational mechanism for improved performance; dignified and well-respected workers create a positive reflection on the organisation they belong to.?

For far too long, the Ghana Police Service has come under fire for some of the weaknesses perpetrated by a few bad lots within the system. But, often times, the criticisms have been generalised as if they were a systemic problem.

The Daily Graphic believes that members of the public have contributed to the perceived malaise in the police by either offering inducements to influence officials to escape the brunt of the law. There are many people, particularly offending motorists, who will call a known police officer upon their arrest for a traffic offence in order to be set free.

It is in this vein that we call on all Ghanaians, particularly civil society organisations, to assist the Police Administration to get it right this time round.

We are all witnesses to the positive impact the Visibility, Accessibility and Patrol concept introduced by the IGP had made. The mere sight of police personnel gives one the confidence to go about his or her duties. If we all rally behind this campaign, the country will get the kind of police we so desire that will discharge their duties without fear or favour and in the most professional ways as desired.

It is crucially important that the top hierarchy and all personnel of the Ghana Police Service rally behind the new campaign by owning it, sharing in the vision and ensuring that it is implemented to the letter.

There may be some personnel who might have benefited from the status quo and who would wish that this campaign never succeeded.

But, as Mr Alhassan said: ?So long as the status quo remains, restoring public confidence and public reassurance of the commitment of the Ghana Police Service remain elusive.?

The Daily Graphic, therefore, called on the hierarchy of the Police Administration to continue with its exercise to cleanse the system of the bad characters who have dragged the name of the Service into disrepute.

Daily Graphic Wednesday March 19, 2014


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