Constitution Review Committee Recommends Presidential Tax Amendment


In a landmark move aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability, the Constitution Review Committee has recommended the removal of Article 68 (5) of the Ghanaian Constitution, which currently exempts the President from paying taxes on their salary.

This proposal seeks to ensure that the President, like all other citizens, fulfills their tax obligations, promoting a sense of fairness in the country’s fiscal policies.

The committee’s suggestion has ignited a vigorous debate among political analysts and the public. Supporters argue that the change will enhance public trust and align Ghana with international democratic standards, while critics fear it may discourage qualified individuals from seeking the presidency due to increased financial burdens.

Professor Kofi Abotsi, a constitutional law expert, noted, “This recommendation is a step towards ensuring that our leaders are seen as part of the citizenry, sharing in both the privileges and responsibilities.” He added that such a change could set a precedent for broader fiscal reforms targeting other high-ranking officials.

Opposition parties have expressed concerns about the practicality and implications of this recommendation. “While accountability is important, we must consider the potential impact on the willingness of capable individuals to serve in such high offices,” stated NDC spokesperson Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.

The government is yet to decide on adopting this recommendation, but the proposal has certainly sparked a nationwide discussion on the responsibilities and privileges of public officeholders. If implemented, this change could mark a significant shift in Ghana’s approach to governance and fiscal responsibility

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