Is intelligence and stupidity (ability to make the distinction and difference), are gifts of evolution? How true is the above statement? Why we should blame the evolution for one’s stupidity or intelligence? Some ‘scientific events’ in the animal world suggest that the evolution only has structured and landscaped the ‘intelligence’ or ‘stupidity’. Philosophically, such an assertion may or may not be true, but scientifically it is correct.

What a corporate can learn from the above evolutionary ‘see-saw’? Look at the behaviour of duck and ostrich especially during egg lying season and understand how stupidity and intelligence have been gifted to these animals by the evolution. Which bird, behaves stupidly – the duck or ostrich, if so, how and why.

Scientific studies have shown that duck behave strangely when incubating its eggs. Any object irrespective of its shape, size or colour, when placed near the nesting site, the duck attempt to grab such objects towards the nest. Duck appears to have failed to differentiate different objects from its egg. Why duck behave so differently, is not clearly understood.

On the contrary, the ostrich is too intelligent even to differentiate its eggs from the eggs of other ostrich’s in the same flock. How it is possible for an ostrich and not for a duck? Does this mean, duck is stupid and ostrich is intelligent?

Or in other words, duck has poor ability to make distinctions and differentiations whereas, ostrich has both the ability. Why there is such discrepancy or disparity between duck and ostrich?

The point is not about the sequels of evolutionary events that probably would have contributed to the above behaviour in duck and ostrich, but what message the corporate should draw is more important.

Disparity do exist in nature and so too among employees in a corporate. One may be wise and other may not be that wise. Ostrich is wise only in differentiating its eggs from others. It is not a good swimmer or a good fish catcher. In the same way, the duck may be stupid only in distinguishing its eggs from other objects but indeed is a smart swimmer and fish catcher.

Remember every wise person will have some stupidity and every stupid person will have some wisdom. We, ‘unfortunately’ love to see only stupidity both in wise and unwise person. Corporate should see how the respective wisdom or intelligence of both types of people could contribute to their job brief/definition than how it could affect the space outside the job definition.

Engage employees with the right job according to their intelligence and not based on the stupidity. For example, if the duck were employed to catch fish and ostrich for marketing or guarding, respective wisdom of these birds would contribute to the success. Stupidity of either the duck or the ostrich seldom interferes in their performance.

Knowing and accepting the truth should not be done just for the purpose of isolating or discarding people, but to engage people with the right job for the right result.

Accept, the truth that some ‘stupid behaviour’ or ‘wise behaviour’ of people in the corporate is a gift of evolution. Instead of one attempting to change such behaviour, one should attempt to ‘use’, ‘re-use’ and ‘refine’ one’s intelligence.



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