The fight against corruption should not be left for Government alone but to other stakeholders, particularly youth leaders who have an important role to play through education and exemplary leadership. We the National Advocates Against Corruption And Injustice are absolutely subscribed to the school of thought that holds that public officials who are put in positions of trust should be made to dance to the tune of the music if the have been found to have been remiss of their duties or conducted themselves inappropriately whiles in office. In fact, we deem it the bounden duty of every well meaning Ghanaian to lead such a crusade to hold public officials accountable for their stewardship.

However, corruption has eaten into the very fabric of our Ghanaian society so bad that we think of somebody as being smart anytime we hear he has stolen huge sums of money from the nation?s pocket. In our Ghanaian society, corrupt officials or individuals are left to roam about freely whiles the innocent ones are being prosecuted. It will be tantamount to stating the blatant obvious that in the past few years, corruption has been the leading business in our Ghanaian society. Monies have been paid to companies/individuals for No work done and the Government is doing absolutely nothing about it.

Examples are SADA, ISOFOTO, WATERVILLE and RLG. Many will agree with us that the Government is paying a death ear and a blind eye to all the calls by cooperate institutions to retrieve all the state monies which were paid to these companies without any work being done. The poverty rate in the three northern regions is too high and initially we thought the government is putting measures in place to curb the situation, but to our candid surprise, the government has made some individuals richer than our own beloved nation. SADA is one initiative we think could have bridged the gap between the South and the three Northern Regions, but to our surprise, this initiative was put up just to lute monies from the nation.

The Asongtaaba guinea fowl project is a very good program that could have created employment and generate income for individuals and the nation as a whole. Who are these officials behind these companies? Are they foreigners or our own Ghanaian citizens? We wouldn?t have been much surprised if the individuals behind SADA, The Asongtaaba Guinea fowl project are foreigners. But what do we see in our beloved Nation? We see these individuals being regarded as the untouchable. Even the government cannot prosecute them but rather prosecute innocent and well mannered citizens like Hon. Abuga Pele who can only authorize the payment of just twenty thousand Ghana Cedis.

As Ghanaians, what measures are we putting in place to curb this situation? Should we fold our hands and see these individuals go scot free whiles the innocent ones are being tried? The answer is a big NO. We wont sit idle and watch our recourses being mismanaged. We must fight till the last drop of our blood to see a corruption free Ghana, which is the main aim of the National Advocates Against Corruption And Injustice. Recently, Government has begun trials of former GYEEDA Boss Hon. Abuga Pele and the CEO of Goodwill International Ghana. It is a good start, we applaud Government for that. Hon. Abuga Pele is NDC Member of Parliament for Chiana-Paga constituency and that is to say the government is prosecuting its own members. But come to think of it, should Hon. Abuga Pele be the only one from the ministry to stand the trial? Even though if one follows the court proceedings carefully, one will testify that Hon. Abuga is innocent of all the charges leveled against him. Is he even the right person to be prosecuted? I leave this question for the audience to answer.

At this moment, it is significantly vital for us to aver that even though we do not question the right, prerogative and discretion of the government in prosecuting culpable persons but we see the trial of Hon. Abuga is baseless. Baseless because the real culprits are on the street roaming about freely, so government should reinvestigate the GYEEDA rot or perhaps to the right thing by prosecuting the real culprits and set the innocent free. In conclusion, we will advice the government to take strict measures in curbing the corruption situation in which will also go along way to cleanse the name of Ghana among the corrupt countries in Africa and the world as whole.


??????? Seidu Bawumia Sulemana (0243911649, 0201038297)


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