Corruption Getting To The Teeth?


By: Stephen A.Quaye.


It was sad for me to observe how crestfallen the president John Dramani Mahama appeared in a photograph which was posted on various Ghanaian media websites on November 26, 2012.

As it appeared in the photograph, the face of the president was seriously falling as it might be his expression in reaction to the GIPC scandal which was exposed by the media recently.

The expression he posed in the photograph might again indicate how angry he was that some miscreants managed to dupe the executives of the GIPC by using his name.

Although the news report was that he has ordered those political parasites or political party fraudsters to pay back the money within 24 hours, still it could be said that the president was being nice with those thieves.

No but how can a president who has promised to uproot corruption in his administration and for that matter the whole country Ghana should just order thieves to pay back stolen money from the state and be left to go scot free without prosecution?

Simply put he should have ordered the officers and men in the blue uniform or ?koti? guys to run them up charge them before court of jurisdiction for conflict of interest and when found guilty made to spend some time behind the iron curtain to serve as deterrent to others.

Oh are you shedding tears for the president because of the heavy damage the media exposure might have done to his image? Sorry I am not allowing my eyes to gather tears for it to stream down my face to show sympathy for the president.

Why? Simply put he does not deserve any sympathy from me because he saw it coming but decided to sit down and watch it only for it to burst in his face so he does not deserve any sympathy.

If he didn?t see it coming then let me ask him the simple question any other ordinary man on the street will ask him which is ?how many times have people tried to poke him about the rate of corruption going on in the country without being addressed??

On how many occasions has the former president Jerry John Rawlings who doubles as the founder of the incumbent party in power NDC himself has gone public to raise concerns about the rate of corruption in the government and in the country as a whole?

Do not pretend that you did not hear him claiming that the seat of government was surrounded by greedy bustards. Even if you have forgotten, you should not forget the recent whistle blowing that the ex-president asked the president to sack all those babies with sharp teeth in his government.

What happened when the ex-president made such statement? Counter statements from the same babies with sharp teeth who are at a point the same supporters of John Mahama who does not have anything to show and have decided to attack the dignity of honourable men and women.

Yes because they do not have anything to show, they have decided to attack the characters who try to raise concerns of wrong doings in the present government by calling people names, condemning them, destroying their campaign materials.

They are describing patriots of the New Patriotic Party NPP as a bunch of corrupt people, thieves and what have you forcing everyone to believe that only they the followers of the president are saints. They are forgetting that whiles they keep pointing accusing fingers at others the remaining four points at them.

What a shame? Sitting down for corruption in the system to get to the teeth as these miscreants? uses the name of the president to dupe the state? I am not surprised that it has happened because if suspects in various scandals could be seen freely walking the streets of Accra and other parts of the country, who is going to be scared of the law and stay away from similar scandals?

Although the chief executive officer of GIPC Mr. George Aboagye has resigned on matters of principle, I believe he should be charged with the offence of conflict of interest whiles those who came for the money in the name of the president have their balls squeezed very hard.

If they are not punished to serve as deterrent to others, some hard fraudsters will take the hard risk and cause a heavy scandal in the name of the president even at international level.

Wait and see.



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