Could It Be true that Sarkodie is KONVICT Free Mason?



To every rumor there is a source and when news broke about Sarkodie being signed onto Konvict Music way back 2009 and officially outdoored on January 6, 2010, it brought joy in the hearts of Ghanaians who were over-proud of Sarkodie.

There was no hint that it was a deceit and nobody from either camps came out to refute the news or tell the world the contract couldn?t materialize instead waited until Akon, CEO of Konvict Musik made the top ?shatta? shocking revelation during an interview with Bola Ray on Drive Time on Joy FM last Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

Refer to article published on on its Hiplife News archives on February 19, 2010 19:02 CET headlined; WHOO HATERS!!AKON CONFIRMS SIGNING SARKODIE TO KONVICT AFRICA sourced by

If really management of Ghana?s fastest Rapper, Sarkodie saw no need in coming out to inform his fans as well as the general public that there was indeed a talking deal with Konvict Musik but unfortunately, it could not materialize because they felt some terms included in the deal was not in favor of their artiste and his fans respectively yet sat idly, why wait untill now to come narrate such cocky excuses?

Abrabo mu nsem na edowso (Life indeed got lots of surprises)? If they now say terms in the deal were not satisfactory yet could not make time to just tell the public that the deal wasn?t closed hence there was no truth in the news and maybe the official outdooring for Sarkodie on January 6, 2010 was fake or wasn?t what the world thought, why allow their brand wear clothes with Konvict embroided designed cardigans?

Also, what about the official outdooring made for Sarkodie, the interview Sarkodie had with Babs, the Label?s manager along with sway and Akon?s interview with Tim Westwood on BBC 1Xtra? May I please be permitted to say that both parties are jokes!

I wonder what at all could have been the unfavorable terms in the contract that Sar oko die and his management cannot be bold to tell us or must we wait till Akon and his people at Konvict Musik are fed up with their ?nonfa? reasons and decide to reveal another stunning truth in the matter?

Well, I have 2 questions for Akon and Konvict Music too;

1. Why didn?t Akon and Babs, the very same man who interviewed Sar oko die and Sway who confirmed the deal done also come out early to refute the noisy-claim by our very own fastest rapper and his management when they realized they could not work with him?

2. What could have triggered the CEO of Konvict Musik, Akon to make such a shocking revelation, barely 4 years after Ghana, Africa and the world had been mislead?

With this shocking ?shatta? revelation made, I am force to think that there could as well be some thin truth in Sar oko die being a part of Illuminti because I see no reason why within you who knows very well you have no business with the society, should make it a priority by doing everything possible to prove to Ghanaians that you are never a member.

Who said because you always mention the name of the Most High God in all your doings is a good stance to try explain and prove that you are never a member of the Illuminati Society? I humbly request that Sar oko die should do me just this little favor by opening his Holy Bible to the book of Matthew 7:21- 23.

I don?t want to sound judgemental but has he (Sarkodie) never read or heard in the news that some pastors have been visiting the same traditional believers they condemn for powers and also been involved in cases like fraud, rape and theft ever in this country?

Honestly, when I read in the news that Jay Z got himself a contract with Samsung Mobile, my suspicion of Sarkodie-Samsung-Jay Z-Samsung deal had more to it. Because No leader who has worked tirelessly to earn respect and recognition worldwide will ever sit idly and watch a fresher slightly over take him or her, he or she will definitely step up his or her game to gain a more whelming recognition to his advantage.

No two ways, the lyrical and visual content of ?illuminati? by Sar oko die is dope and seem very intriguing but it as well gives hints that he is very appreciative of the good deeds and impact the top notched society has had on his life.

Shshsh, let?s wait till Jay Z re-visits us either for a show or on a personal mission in Ghana. He might surely hint us on the Sar oko die-Free Mason (Illuminati) affilliation.

Wait o, before Sarkodie started his Sarkology business, was he involved in any other petty businesses aside his music? No hard feelings, 3y3 asem bisa?

1 min : 59 secs lyrics in Shatta Wale Freestyle by Sarkodie;

? Everybody wants a collabo ye3 foom tis3 sika eduro, wobe bo me why you be commando? (f) y?all niggas momp3 edjuma mose3 mey3 free mason

You niggas are making my day, keep hating I?m still getting paid. I?m chilling and sipping my holic cos everything is Ok, just relaxing and counting my money?

Why make fuse about something you know very well you are not and instead of committing everyhing in the hands of God Almighty to fight your fight for you, you are doing everything possible to ?explain? to your acclaimed haters? Who said its everybody who shows you his or her teeth is a friend?

I rest my case o!!!

By Ama Larbie Africa

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