Couples advised to take decisions and actions together in marriage

Social Peacebuilding Women
Social Peacebuilding Women

Reverend Eastwood Anaba, the President of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM), has admonished couples to take decisions and actions to solve marriage problems and not rely solely on prayers.

“I love to pray for couples, but prayer can do very little when what you require is decision and action. What you need to let a marriage work is a decision and an action,” he said.

He said men must take the decision to love their wives, and women must also take the decision to submit and respect their husbands, “Anything short of that, we will just have chaos. Let’s live that balanced life in our homes, and I hope and pray that God will deal well with us.”

Reverend Anaba gave the advice when a follower of “Kingdom Agreement (KIA),” an online meeting with members and non-members of his Ministry in Bolgatanga, requested prayer against misunderstanding and challenges in marriage.

He noted that in the current dispensation, there was a lot of stress, which accounted for some of the challenges in marriage, “For example; if you are married to a businessman or a businesswoman, chances are that around this period, they will be quick tempered.

“And the reason they are quick tempered is because the Cedi is falling and everything is changing in the domain of business, so your wife or your husband is likely to be on edge,” Reverend Anaba said.

He advised Christians to revert to the foundations Saint Paul in the Bible laid for marriage, “Husbands love your wives, and wives, submit to your husbands.”

The EAM President, who is also the founder of Fountain Gate Chapel (FGC), said men found it more difficult to love their wives, and the women also found it difficult to submit to their husbands.

He said some women were earning income and could cater for their basic needs, and therefore did not see the need to submit to their husbands, and indicated that such women felt that even if they were divorced, they would survive.

That, Reverend Anaba said created rebellion in some homes, where some wives were not willing to submit to their husbands, “So in our marriages the respect and the honour is just not there.

“The truth is, if you are a woman and you don’t respect your husband, submit to him, and not defer to him in anyway, chances you will get peace is very slim,” Reverend Anaba said.

He said some men did not love their wives as expected, “they too are too busy with too many things and sometimes, they forget that the woman is a weaker vessel, and they will have to show humility to be able to carry the women along.

“The men also, have become very hard hearted, and the ability to love their wives is just not there. So our marriages are going through challenges,” he said.

Reverend Anaba noted that there were spiritual warfare in some families, “There are all these interfering spiritual powers of darkness that just manipulate us to self-distract,” he said, and prayed that God would intervene and save marriages.

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