Daniel Cousin

Daniel Cousin

Gabon’s veteran striker Daniel Cousin has refuted reports that he has fallen out with fellow striker Eric Mouloungui.

The reported fall out is traced back to the Orange Africa Cup of Nations in Angola (2010) when Cousin, 35, accused Mouloungui, 28, of not passing the ball to him when he was in good position.

At the time, the two and exchanged blows in the dressing room as a result.

The difference between the two players again emerged during a friendly match against Brazil last November. At that time, it was claimed Cousin told his young teammate to pass the ball to him. Again, they were exchange of words.

There was even talk of dropping Mouloungui from the side for not respecting senior players.

The Gabonese team management had to come in before the start of the tournament to cool the situation.

Now after the dramatic win over Morocco, Cousin put the record straight on the issue.

“It is normal for teammates to exchange words on the pitch but for me it stops there.

“I don’t have a problem with Eric (Mouloungui). I have been with the team since 2000 and my people have talked bad about the issue but for us we have kept quiet and just kept on playing. Eric’s first match for the national team was in 2005 and he replaced me. I have always advised young players on the team,” he said.

Cousin also dismissed allegations that they don’t get on well with the team’s German coach Gernot Rohr.

“Being on the bench does not bother me because that is the coach’s decision. But when I come on, it is what I do that matters,” he remarked.

Cousin has started the first two matches on the bench but scored the equaliser against Morocco when he came on.

He currently plays club football with FC Sapins. He previously played for Scottish side Glasgow Rangers and English side Hull City. Mouloungui plays his club football with French Ligue 1 side Nice.

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By Fred Musisi Kiyingi, Daily Monitor



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