Dr. Michael Abu Sakara Foster, Presidential Candidate of the Convention People?s Party has called for a new culture of civility in political discourse as he returned to his campaign trail. In his briefings with the core group of the national campaign team, he urged them to reflect the core values of the Nkrumahist tradition in their utterances even as they promoted the vision of building a first world society in Ghana through transformational change. He cautioned that unscrupulous and unbridled use of blatant propaganda eventually boxes the ?spin doctors? in a corner to the extent that it compromises their stewardship.??

Dr Abu Sakara urged his followers to ensure that they continue their good practice of measured and guarded statements that focused on issues of concern to the welfare of the nation and local communities. He stressed that fierceness of their debate should focus on exposing the shortcomings of current and previous administrations of government that have left us with an economy that has become dependent on importation and is incapable of? processing raw materials to add value in order to create more jobs and wealth.

He pointed out that it is the character flaws of some political leadership that make them live larger than life on the public purse.

?We can only imagine that such opulent living was paid for by payment of exhorbitant judgment debts and sale of productive national assets that together reduce the nation?s capacity to invest in the manufacturing sector. Such irresponsible leadership cannot be allowed to continue or be returned to government, for what? and to do what?? Governance cannot just be about living well at the expense of the public purse?.

Government must have a greater purpose that is focused on the alleviation of the suffering of the masses and the upliftment of the majority.

?Our aim is nothing less than to attain first world living standards for all Ghanaians so as to reflect true transformation of Ghana to inspire the rest of Africa?.

Dr. Sakara warned that not all self professed Nkrumahists who share in the vision practice its ideals. ?We must examine their deeds and their words to discover the discrepancies that have disappointed the suffering masses and dashed the hopes of the youth?.

In a passionate appeal Dr.? Sakara stated that all leaders, especially Nkrumahists, must reflect value based leadership in both their public and private lives. Whilst the personality of leaders should not be attacked in debate,? we must clearly point out where their conduct in both public and private life belie character weaknesses that force them to live beyond their means and compromise their decision making in the public interest. This is the heart of the unbridled and institutionalized corruption that plagues Ghana and denies us opportunities for more rapid advancement.? The CPP in its new way forward under Dr. Abu Sakara will put a stop to institutionalized corruption and reverse dependency of the economy towards self reliance. This is the only way we can secure and direct sufficient investment to provide the youth jobs and improve everyone?s living standards to a level that a wealthy nation as Ghana should give.

Dr. Sakara also observed the anomaly that not all Nkrumahists are CPP supporters and urged activists not to divide their loyalties based on other political party?s claims of being Nkrumahist. He urged them to test such claims to ensure that they stand up to scrutiny.? He said credentials of being good Nkrumahists must go beyond who our fathers were and be based on who we are and what we the successor generations have done to promote the cause. Those who ride on the back of opportunism cannot be allowed to usurp our rich political tradition from under the feet of those who have made sacrifices for it!? The public must realize that whatever CPP has been in the past, there is now a new generation with new attitudes and new thinking at the helm of affairs. He urged all CPP activist and supporters to be resolute in the promotion of CPP?s campaign in the 2012 general election. This is our time and we must ensure that we make the impact needed to emerge as winners! When CPP wins, Ghana wins!

In conclusion Dr. Sakara said that the death of the late President sad as it was has exposed new possibilities for a political campaign based on issues in an atmosphere of political tolerance. He pointed out that entrenched partisan positions based on parties and not logic was the cause of polarization of the political landscape and the politics of insults.

He urged the CPP activists to play to their strength because their departing comrade the late Professor Mills had given them a lifeline for an issues based campaign in the 2012 general election. He said the late President?s death had stripped the NDC of its cloak of humility and integrity.

?Now the Nkrumahists left in the NDC can no longer hide between the legs of ?Asomdwehene?.? ?If they know what is good for them they should come home and join the CPP quickly otherwise they will receive the whipping of their lives in the general election?.? The CPP he said was busy preparing new beds and looking for a fat cow in preparation for their home coming.? Dr. Sakara added that all returning Nkrumahists to the CPP will be very warmly embraced with joy and jubilation.

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