Two Nkrumaist parties- Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP), and Peoples’ National Convention (PNC) have rejected talks to merge the two parties. Several attempts to merge the two Nkrumaist parties have been elusive for years.
However, last week, the CPP presented a letter to the PNC asking for intensification of negotiations ahead of PNC’s congress to elect its 2012 flagbearer.
The PNC Chairman, Alhaji Ramadan said the party was yet to consider the letter, which comes second to their upcoming congress over the weekend.
“We have not taken any decision on this letter yet” he said: “We have more important issues to consider, our congress…our congress is more important than anything.”
He however faulted the CPP for taking entrenched positions, which he said has delayed the merger.
“What I am saying is that in the past, our efforts at coming together have always been frustrated because CPP always insists that in any merger talk, they are not prepared to let go [off] their name; they are not prepared to let go [off] their symbol, they are not prepare to let go [off] their motto,” he told Joy FM.
 The party is not certain if the CPP has modified its avowed stance, of not allowing anyone to coerce them (CPP) into joining other parties, he added.
But the General Secretary of the CPP Ivor Greenstreet says he believes there is hope for the two parties working together.


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