CPP targets 6 million presidential votes in a power-sharing drive in 2024 election

Convention People’s Party (CPP)
Convention People’s Party (CPP)

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has vowed to win not less than six million votes in the 2024 presidential election.

The intent is hinged on breaking off the ‘Winner-Takes-All’ (WTA) system of governance that had fostered exclusion and heightened unhealthy rivalry among political parties.

Such unhealthy political vendetta, the party said, had inspired opposition parties to merely oppose and discredit the government of the day, leading to the abandonment of projects initiated by successive governments irrespective of how much investment had been made.

Mr Ato Maclean, the Central Regional First Vice Chairman of the party, told the Ghana News Agency, that the WTA spectacle was an outcome of the ‘first-past-the-post’ electoral system, currently practiced in Ghana and must be tossed out.

“CPP is toiling to change the trend of Ghana’s political system to put forward power-sharing where no political party would have majority control.

“For instance, if the CPP gets 20 percent, another party gets 40 percent and another gets 40 percent and the rest follows, our ambition is simply achieved,” he explained.

Mr Maclean said he was hopeful that the party would do better than the previous performances with the new crop of leaders to the amazement of all.
He declared the party’s conviction to win six out of the 23 parliamentary seats in the Central Region.

Though he declined to name the constituencies for political reasons, he said the plan was a national strategy towards reviving its rank and file.

Mr Maclean was elated that the party was empowering the grassroots to elect formidable leadership to lead its campaign to bring economic relief to the citizenry.

“We have started our internal reorganisation at the grassroots, where the party is pivoted and nurtured.

“The mandate of all the executives at the base has ended, and we are working hard to re-organise the leadership with a bottom-up approach in consonance with the part’s constitution,” he stated.

He said its vision was a revolution to redeem the nation from the shackles of gross economic incompetence exhibited by preceding political parties over the past three decades.

Mr Maclean charged members to consider the ideals of the CPP, by taking up executive positions offered at the polling stations, constituency, and national levels.

“Majority of the youth in Ghana today are frustrated and have realised that the duopoly does not have the solution to the country’s problems.

“So, the CPP is allowing you to take the mantle and your destiny into your hands as we did in the early 60s,” he stressed.

For party members, he underlined the need to sustain party unity, saying the apparent lack of unity could undermine efforts to solidify the base of the CPP and build a strong force towards the 2024 polls.

“If we can unite within the CPP and bring our sister Nkrumaist parties together, we will pull a surprise at the 2024 election and bring joy to the good people of Ghana,” he said.

The CPP had lately been embroiled in raging confusion and disagreement over the legitimacy of some leaders, which had induced legal tussles and public outbursts.

For that reason, the party had not organised its internal elections to elect officers to steer its affairs at the various levels as expected.

With 2024 fast beckoning, pressure has mounted on political parties that are yet to elect their national officers to do so to ensure their inclusion in the 2024 general election and the Party had assured Ghanaians of a strong force to break the duopoly cycle.

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