Critical Infrastructure Neglect: Boinso Bridge Collapse Highlights Years of Inaction


The sudden collapse of the only bridge linking Enchi and Elubo over the Boin River at Boinso on Sunday morning has thrown the spotlight on long-standing infrastructure neglect in the Aowin Municipality of the Western North Region. This incident has left residents and travelers stranded, significantly disrupting daily commutes and the transportation of goods.

Local residents expressed their frustration to Angel FM, revealing that the bridge had been in a dilapidated state for years without any repair efforts. “We’ve been warning about the condition of this bridge for a long time, but no one listened,” said one resident.

The collapse has isolated Boinso and surrounding communities, critically impacting local businesses and access to essential services. Without the bridge, residents are cut off from schools, markets, and healthcare facilities, exacerbating the difficulties in an already underserved area.

In an exclusive interview with Accra-based Angel FM, Hon. Oscar Ofori, Member of Parliament for Aowin Constituency, blamed Top International Engineering for the collapse. He stated that the engineers’ diversion of water flow towards the old bridge washed away its base, leading to its failure. Hon. Ofori has declared the situation a state of emergency and is demanding urgent intervention from authorities to restore the bridge and ensure the safety and convenience of the affected communities.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Boinso, Nana Kwadwo Miah III, has also called on the authorities for immediate action. “This bridge is vital for our daily lives and the local economy. Its collapse is a severe blow to our community,” he stated.

This incident underscores the urgent need for proactive maintenance and timely intervention in critical infrastructure to prevent such disruptions and ensure the safety and well-being of the communities that rely on them.

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