Cultivate good working ethics – Dr Banish

Education Work Ethics
Education Work Ethics

Dr Samuel Banish, a health and wellness practitioner has called on players in the informal sector, especially the self-employed to cultivate ethical working qualities and values to help propel their business to the top.

He noted that the world was facing some challenging times, economic difficulties, added with massive technological transformation and many more, “ethical values in business have, become a vital tool for the sustainability of customers and promotion of goods and services.”

Dr Banish stated at the graduation ceremony of ‘Spa Body n Beyond’ a therapeutic spa center and wellness training institute that “going out there to lighten your world depends on some working values required to own a business, career work, or life.”

He charged the graduands saying “building self-confidence would aid you to thrive through to become successful as you were born with gifts and talents and abilities that you only can use to make it in life.”

Ms Hettie Mercer-Ricketts, an American-trained and licensed therapeutic therapist, and Chief Executive of Spa Body n Beyond stated that in modern operations, the management of companies and health facilities must incorporate healthy ways to cope with stress through the consistent application of stress management ethics.

“People must begin to take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including those on social media as some of these are unnecessary weight that burdens the already exhausted nervous systems.

“People must also take care of themselves as in the midst of the economic challenges, people tend mostly to forget about the person called themselves and over-focus on other non-essentials take care of your body, make time to unwind, talk to others, connect with your community- or faith-based organizations, and reduce or avoid drugs and alcohol,” she stated.

Speaking on “Stress management during difficult and challenging moments,” Ms. Mercer-Ricketts disclosed that stress management during complex and challenging moments is critical.

“Stress is a normal part of life. We get excited or anxious about things, especially when we are not sure how they are going to turn out. However, there is normal stress, like the stomach butterflies you get before a job interview or presentation, and there is abnormal stress, the sense of looming dread when there is just too much uncertainty,” she said.

Ms Mercer-Ricketts said “the good news is that when it comes to managing both normal and more-than-normal stress, we have choices.

“We can choose to ignore, which often makes things worse, we can turn to unhealthy lifestyle choices, which again, can make things worse, or we can try our best to be informed and proactive in managing how we feel, how we react, and what we can do to protect ourselves from more stress. In fact, stress might even be good for you!

“Instead of fearing stress, why not see it in a different light? Look at stress as a visitor for the better. While our hyper-mode might not be fun, it can fuel some of our best work and clarity,” the Chief Executive of Spa Body n Beyond stated.

Ms Mercer-Ricketts warned that “when people are physically or emotionally isolated, they can lose connection. Empathy fuels connection. We must choose to connect with ourselves deep down and connect with others which helps to deal with stress.”

“As a wellness therapist stress arises from externally applied forces to any part of the body – inner or outer which either constrains or pushes the body systems to perform a specific task beyond the average operational capacity.

“Stress that is left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.”

She recommended that workers “relaxation is important when you experience too much stress. Try to set aside more time for yourself. Even if that sometimes seems impossible.”

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