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Cultural Consul Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran Graces Birth Anniversary Celebration Of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.A


The birth Anniversary of prophet Muhammad, who is the Last prophet and messenger of God to mankind according to Islam, is one of the most important celebrations held by Muslims across the world. The prophet Muhammad was born on either Monday, 12 Rabi’ al-Awwal 53 years before the Hijra (c. 21 April 570 CE) or Saturday, 17 Rabi’ al-Awwal 53 before hijra (c. 26 April 570 CE) in Mecca, Hejaz, now Saudi Arabia.

-The Hijra refers to the migration of the first Muslims from mecca to Abyssinia: modern day Ethiopia in order to escape persecution-

The prophet was born to Abdullah the son of Abd al Mutallib and Amina the daughter of Wahb.

He grew up as an orphan Haven lost his father before his birth and his mother at the age of six, the prophet was raised by his Uncle, Abu Talib, who is the full brother of Abdullah and the father of Ali ibn Abi Talib.

At the age of forty in the year 610 CE, the prophet began propagating the message of kind, calling people to the worship of one God.

Amongst the most noted revolutionary messages of the prophet are:

1. There is only one God worthy of worship
2. Women are equal to men in being and essence but not in authority and social responsibilities
3. Slaves are equal to their masters in being and essence, all though unequal in authority since true superiority lies only in superiority at godliness
4. Knowledge is paramount and the search for knowledge is mandated upon all people
5. All forms of intoxicants and lude gatherings must be avoided
6. Men have no right to marry an infinite number of women, rather, they are limited to four if they can be fair amongst them, otherwise they are limited to one; and if they lack the qualities of been a husband, then they must not marry at all.

7. Opposition to injustice is a duty upon all just people

8. The killing of any human of any religious or social background without sufficient justification is tantamount to the killing of all of humankind, and the saving of one person is also equal to saving all of mankind.

In honor of such a personality, the Shia community of Tamale, lead by Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu organized a program to celebrate his birth.

In attendance were the Cultural consul of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the guest of honor, the Imam of the followers of Ahlul Bayt of the Ashanti region, Sheikh Muhammad Darul Hikma, the Sagnerigu Zongo Chief Sarki Yahuza, Doctur al Hussein Zakaria and a host of other chiefs and dignitaries.

Parts of the program included prayers, various speeches, poetry recitation and the recitation of eulogies.

As part of the program, the cultural Consul of the Islamic republic of Iran, Mr Mahmoud Khorshidi was gifted with a beautiful Smock as a token of friendship and warmth from the people of Tamale to the people of the Islamic Republic.

The program, which was hosted by The Ahlul Bayt Community of Tamale was run under the Theme: “Where is Humanity if We Can Not be Safe Havens For One Another”

The theme reflects the hadith of the prophet where he says: “the Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, he harms him not, nor does he leave him in harms way”

The program began at 9:00am and ended at 1:30pm On the 30th of September 2023

By: Bashiru Ahmed Saani

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