Current State of Affairs for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities at Dubai Climate Talks

regional climate action
Regional climate action

Citing growing evidence of their role in protecting intact ecosystems, a global alliance of elected Indigenous leaders from the Amazon and Congo Basins, Mesoamerica, and Indonesia will discuss the state of affairs for Indigenous peoples and local communities at COP28 negotiations. They will sound the alarm on action needed to protect nature, climate, and people amidst the energy transition.

A press briefing where Indigenous leaders representing forest communities from 24 countries will comment on COP28 announcements and proceedings, including:

What is at stake for Indigenous and local communities if the Global Stocktake fails to recognize the importance of land tenure for communities protecting biodiversity and reducing emissions.

Brazil’s proposed $250 billion “Tropical Forests Forever” fund for rainforests;
Proposed solutions to protect precious ecosystems found on Indigenous territories, including the World Bank’s carbon market announcement and the debt-for-nature swap scheme.

Renewable energy projects like massive hydropower dams that flood traditional territories and damage food sources and precious plant genetic resources.

A spike in the number of new mines that extract metals and minerals for the energy transition, while causing deforestation and contamination of water and soil on Indigenous lands.

Kleber Karipuna, Karipuna Indigenous leader from Brazil and executive coordinator to the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB)

Mina Setra, Dayak Pompakng Indigenous leader from Indonesia and deputy to the secretary general of AMAN (Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago).

Levi Sucre Romero, Bribri Indigenous leader from Costa Rica, who serves on the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities (GATC) council and chairs the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests. (AMPB)

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