Customer service is however key in the operations of any business.

Meanwhile, Turkish Airline has come under some scrutiny, with passengers raising issues about their services.
A passenger in an email stated that, “Turkish airlines was the worst travein experience of my life.”

The passenger wrote that, “They have lost all of my and my wife’s luggage, and have never reimbursed us a penny for it even after us trying to call them for a year!!! I will NEVER step into their plane again, not even if the ticket is free.”

Interestingly, passengers in Nigeria have positioned Turkish airlines as one of the worst foreign airline in the country.

The siituation got worsened when some aggrieved passengers on board the Turkish airline, arrived without their luggage, then maneuvered their way back to the ramp where the aircraft was parked.

The passengers blocked the aircraft from moving, causing drama and security breach at the tarmac of the Abuja airport. Hundreds of irate passengers left stranded without their luggage, ceased all operations for hours.

While some laid down beside the airplane tyres, others camped around it.

Reports say, ome of the passengers had been waiting at the airport for over 5 days expecting their luggage, with some stranded and some more forced to spend their Christmas at the airport but no information was provided or announcements made with regard to their plight.

It could be recall that, last year July after an aborted flight to Istanbul from the Lagos airport, passengers were left at the airport tarmac for a staggering 4 hours without food.

Over hundred passengers escaped death in the aborted Turkish flight.

The situation created anger among passengers who were scrambling for space, insisting that they must all travel with the flight.

Trouble started when airline shuttle bus came to the hotel with instructions to pick only twenty passengers out of the lot.

There was a free for all fight with the airline drivers in a bid to force their way into the bus. A customer who was also on board the plane at the time hinted that he checked in and his boarding pass said he was on stand by.

“The guy who checked me in told me to go and wait at the gate that I might be lucky to fly. I asked him why I was not informed as I bought a confirmed ticket that I needed to see the manager. Then the manager comes and said I should go and check the website for the terms of Turkish airline because a confirmed ticket did not mean I would definitely get a seat on the flight.” “I then asked for him to show me where that was stated on my ticket. Then the guy said I should stand there and keep asking. Meanwhile, there was a family of 5 who had the same problem and we all were displeased so I started taking a video of how he spoke as it was an extremely bad service.” “The rest of it was assault. When we got to the boarding gate, 15 people had standby boarding passes. Some passengers had bought their tickets since May. Turkish airline sold seats that had already been paid for and then offered us 300euro compensation.” “Before I started with the video, I asked him for his name. He went as far as writing it down for me that I should take this to any where I wanted. Immediately, he called the Turkish police, when the police saw the video. They asked us to go to the airport management because Turkish Airlines is a big company in the country and there was nothing they could do. They asked us to delete the video but we declined. Airport officials did not even listen to us. They asked us to go back to Turkish airline were I was assaulted in a bid to delete the video” Turkish airline was also implicated in a arms shipment scandal to Nigeria early last year. A senior adviser to the Turkish Prime Minister discussed shipments of weapons to Nigeria with the country’s national airline, a leaked telephone conversation suggested at that time. In the recording, a voice, alleged to be that of a Turkish Airlines official, is heard urgently discussing what appear to be weapons deliveries with another man, alleged to be Mustafa Varank, a senior aide to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Though the Airline denied carrying weapons and military equipment to Nigeria after another Twitter account revealed a string of leaks in a Turkish corruption scandal.

Source: with additional files from Persecondnews


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