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Dag Heward-Mills establishes cutting-edge Bible school in Ghana, among Africa’s top institutions

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An exploit can be described as a bold or daring feat. The construction of the cutting-edge Anagkazo campus is undoubtedly an exploit, showcasing stunning architecture and state-of-the-art facilities that stand as a testament to the visionary leadership of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. Established by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, the Anagkazo campus was designed to train individuals who aspire to answer the call of God on their lives. Over the years, the Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Training Center (ABMTC) has served as a hub for equipping young men and women to serve in the army of the Lord. “Anagkazo” is a Greek word meaning “Compelling power,” derived from the parable in Luke 14 where the master prepared a great feast and sent out his servants to invite many people.

Dag Heward-Mills and the training of Pastors

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills pastors one of the largest ministries globally. His church, the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches, spans branches in over 90 countries.

Dag Heward-Mills Teaching ABMTC Students and Alumni
Dag Heward-Mills Teaching ABMTC Students and Alumni

Dag Heward-Mills is renowned worldwide for his fervor in soul-winning and church planting, exemplified by his success in winning over 10 million souls through the Healing Jesus Campaign, the largest evangelistic effort today. His vision to expand God’s church has led him to train thousands of pastors and missionaries globally, resulting in the establishment of the Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Training Center (ABMTC).

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is also a prolific christian author with over 50 million books published. The over 100 books he has written span a wide range of topics. Some of his bestsellers are “The Art of Leadership”, “Loyalty and Disloyalty”, “Church Growth” and “A Good General”.

More about the ABMTC

Initially, ABMTC offered a one-year program, graduating its first class in 1997, comprising 12 students. Recognizing the need for more extensive training, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills extended the program’s duration to four years. What sets Anagkazo apart from other bible institutions is its emphasis on practical ministry experience. During their four-year tenure, ABMTC students are offered the opportunity to establish churches in neighboring towns, equipping them practically for the work of the ministry.

Visitor standing by the life size wax figure of Kathryn Khulman
Visitor standing by the life size wax figure of Kathryn Khulman

Many students testify of how ABMTC has better equipped and prepared them for ministry work. One alumnus stated, “ABMTC is a place where God molds you into a vessel He can use. I thank God every day for helping Bishop Dag Heward-Mills establish this remarkable institution. ABMTC has set me on the path for success in ministry.” Over the years, ABMTC has nurtured numerous apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. This is achieved by guiding every student through 26 academic rotations to impart the knowledge necessary for ministry success. Recognizing that knowledge alone is insufficient for pastors, ABMTC also focuses on developing students’ character through rotations such as Bible memorization and character development. All these efforts aim to cultivate ABMTC students into both anointed and scholarly individuals.

One unique feature of the Anagkazo Bible school is giving students the opportunity for hands-on experience in church work. Each Anagkazo Student gets the chance to start and establish a church in the neighboring towns. Setting them up for success in ministry.

Other attractions of Dag Heward-Mills’s Anagkazo campus

The architectural brilliance of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is evident in the design of the Anagkazo Campus, notably the impressive “Great Hall.” This stone-walled structure, aptly named, boasts a seating capacity of 5000 and has hosted various Christian events, including The Give Thyself wholly Conference; One of the world’s largest Pastors Conference, Christ Embassy’s annual gatherings, and big societal weddings.

An uncommon and major feature of the Anagkazo Campus is the Library of the Anointed. This museum, akin to Madame Tussaud’s honors great men and women of God who have significantly impacted the body of Christ. Museum visitors get the opportunity to learn about the lives of those God has used in the past. People get to take pictures with the likes of John Wesley, Billy Graham, Martin Luther, John G. lake and so many other generals.

It stands as the sole museum dedicated to Christian faith generals, attracting visitors from far and wide seeking to learn about these influential figures. Each Anagkazo Student gets the privilege of touring the library of the anointed to be inspired by the lives of these Generals to attempt great things for God. Many testify of the profound impact visiting the Library of the Anointed has had on their lives and ministries.

Other notable attractions at the Anagkazo Campus include the 100% Answered Prayer Garden, the Jesus Savior of the World Square, the Crocodile Pond, the Propose to Me Bridge and other tourist attractions. You can book a tour at the anagkazo campus.

Final thoughts

The establishment of the Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Center is truly remarkable. Any aspiring man or woman of God should consider attending ABMTC without hesitation. Transformation is achievable for those who are willing to undergo the process. God doesn’t instantly shape the individuals He intends to use; He often guides them through a transformative journey before revealing them to the world. ABMTC stands as a testament to the wisdom bestowed upon God’s servant, Dag Heward-Mills. His heart and passion mirror that of Jesus, desiring to see the lost saved at any cost. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Ghana, make it a priority to explore the Anagkazo campus, and your life will be forever changed.

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