If President Mills had perhaps taken a more recognizable step in settling the dispute that has confronted the Abudus and Andanis in the northern part of Ghana, the Abudus wouldn’t have resorted to the UNDP for their matter to be heard.

The much peeved and angered Abudus who feel the presidency has been silent on their plight but regularly felt the urge to assist their rival body, the Andanis, have finally petitioned the UNDP to come to their aid in a matter that has always seemed complicated in solving.

Speaking to Bismark Brown on “ye pe ehunu”, Happy 989 FM’s early evening political talk show on Monday, the acting secretary to the Abudus, Sadiq Abduallai revealed that several petitions have been sent to the president of the state through various means for their concerns to be heard but to no avail.

“Yes( we have told the president) severally. Even through some of the radio stations we have been complaining, we have been writing to the National Security all over (but to no avail)”. He said

“Since the coming into power of this government, the vice president met the chairman of the imminent committee and later came out to say that both gates will later on be called back to Manhyia to continue the process while yet up till now…”.

News broke out earlier that a frustrated Abudu household in Dagbon have petitioned the UNDP accusing the ruling National Democratic Congress government of open bias in handling the Dabgon chieftaincy issue.

Signatories to the petition are the Nanton-Naa Sulley Alhassan, the Boling Lana Abdullai Mahamadu, Major Sulemana Abubakari(rtd), Tolon Naa and Iddrisu Iddi Mbadugu.

According to the acting secretary, the United Nations have shown enough commitment to ensuring peace in the dispute and so they deem it fit to return to the body that will listen to their plea.

“The UN did not only show interest but they committed resources to that process and they brought in a high officer in the person of Mr. Ojiello”. He said

He feels the call on the UNDP is the best move “because we want the whole world to know how we are being denied justice (in this matter)”.

When asked if the issue had been politicized by the Abudus, he only said “everybody can see everything clearly. When Abudus make request to meet government, they should give us the chance”.

Benjamin Agyei-Boateng/Happyghana.com


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