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Hailing from the lineage of Northern Dancer, Dance Smartly well of course lived up to her name. The filly was a Champion Canadian thoroughbred who also became the first ever Canadian horse to win a Breeder’s Cup. Dance Smartly won the Breeder’s Cup Distaff in 1991 with legendary jockey Pat Day and made history. Even though primarily a Canadian horse with ample participation in Canadian thoroughbred racing tournaments, Dance Smartly’s performances made her to be voted American Eclipse Award 1991, being the best three year old filly that year.

Dance Smartly may not have had a very long racing career but it most definitely was touted as an short yet extremely impressive one. The filly not only ran and won the Canadian Triple Crown but also Prince of Wales Stakes and Queen’s Plate among others.

The filly with a star studded forehead retired to a grand career earnings of $3.2million, the highest any female horse earned in her time.

The equestrian lovers on the planet no longer need to feel disheartened by the fact that Dance Smartly had to be euthanized following an irreparable injury. honours the invincible heroes of racing and brings them alive through 3D simulations in their host of horse racing games. The games have a built in database that boasts of more than 5000 fine thoroughbreds from across all corners of world horse racing games meticulously handpicked to be the best of the best. The champions are seen in virtual flesh and blood racing on a variety of track surfaces from dirt to sloppy mud, the various camera angles make it seem if not better, as good as real.

Horse Race Game is a giant creator of online horse racing that has been designed after almost a decade of crucial study and research of race horses’ natures, their behaviour on the paddock and race tracks under varying conditions, their racing styles depending upon the condition of the field and also their stamina and speed. Not just the horses, even the race tracks have been the subject for this study in order to develop them precisely. The players get to choose their horse, competition and even the racetracks. The online platform helps support a multitude of players from around the globe who you can compete with real time.

Another exciting feature offers is allowing the players to free download racing games. The games can be played on the consoles of their choice and whenever they want, off the grid. There’s breeding from choicest sires and broodmares, stable management, foal training and much more. The players can develop all their racing skills from breeding a new foal to competing in challenges with their ‘ready for a fight’ contenders. The bettors can work on their betting skills without the risks of losing money while the players can completely bypass any physical injury and still win a real prize on a virtual race. VIP privileges make racing even more exciting and real.

To explore more features and get started with racing, free download racing games and embark on your winning streak.

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