Dangerous government ‘rights’, since when and till when?

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It was written: ‘The devil(s) will threaten you with poverty…’ to win the greedy or cowards? The evolution of humankind started with personal rights before group rights, and the two must learn to co-exist without infringing on each others’ rights. The cultural era woefully failed, the religious era largely failed, and the government is failing in very dangerous ways.

History have very consistent lessons for us that one righteous person is better and can defeat millions or billions of corrupt people. So never let the questionable argument of ‘societies’ greater good’ be the excuse that justify injustices, including the infringement of personal rights.

Do not give government dangerous rights against yourself or against others, or you may pay your fair share of the collective crime… When humankind formed government, especially democracy, there was the legitimate concern that the majority may oppress minority through indifference or even sheer cruelty. It sporadically occurred and people seemed not to learn enough from history. Government laws may largely be for good, but repeatedly went astray through out history and often with the help of questionable mainstream media and cowardly people whose greed and/or fears eventually land them to arrogance, including terrible laws. Then activists reorient some media folks and politicians.

Our present era can give two dangerous government ‘rights’:

1. The right for government to commit and hide its wrongs in the name of ‘national interest’; plus prosecute those who expose their wrongs.

2. The ‘right’ for government to mandate questionable choices like covid vaccine, deny its citizens simple rights like working opportunities and deny foreigners simple privileges like travelling for learning , working , or having fun…

Government and evil folks has longed appealed to people’s fear and greed to justify terrible laws, and the covid vaccine mandatory is taking that trend in some countries, and must be confronted, or it will be worldwide and people will be partners in crime with government. Save the people, if you cannot save the governments or politicians… No human law is above questioning, and we know illusions can spread like a pandemic and be more dangerous than covid. Just because all governments once considered marijuana dangerous and illegal does not mean it was dangerous, or at least not as dangerous as their laws and the effects of such laws. Similarly, covid is real and dangerous, but is government overreaction not clearly worse than covid can do? Persons, companies, and even governments can be guilty of overreaction. Your silence or soft support of questionable government laws is lot more than atom’s weight (mizghalazaratin) and must be judged by a just God, especially where sins between creatures exist.

Do about 10% of people have unnecessary fear of the vaccine to the level of weird unsubstantiated claims? Perhaps! Do over 75% of governments have unnecessary fear of covid and stepping in the world of arrogance? Most certainly. I personally had covid in very mysterious ways and survived it through the mysterious marijuana plant that many governments still deny people and wrongly punish many for. When you allow government to dictate what you cannot put in your body, like marijuana, you have submitted to questionable government for God to judge; but when you believe government can deny others marijuana, including the sick, then the pain of the sick who would have used and benefited through marijuana becomes what before a just God? Those who supported slavery laws were acting in the limited financial interest of the majority; those who saw how marijuana ‘harmed’ questionable people have ‘reasonable fear’ or choose to ignore how many it helped or did not hurt? Your fears of black people or marijuana may contain fractional facts, but how dare you justify laws that are cruel and ineffective, while you rejoice in what percentage of ‘success’ ? Similarly, when you see a dying covid patient, you have the reasonable argument to help, but not to the level of harming other humans or giving unnecessary pressures.

The safety of the covid vaccine must be argued separately from its effectiveness. I do not think the safety of the vaccine is huge, at least in the short term. However, lack of precise number of people who experience adverse effects through the vaccine is not well documented or shared. Even having a reputable third party collect and share such information is vital. It could have boost trust or help us understand the possible dangers of the vaccine. Even certified medicines for decades can have serious side effects of about five percent of its users and reasonable people may still call the medicine a blessing… so governments admitting the percentage of people having negative vaccine experience is as important as the percentage with ‘positive’ or neutral experience.

Then on effectiveness: the questionable mainstream media is echoing false or misleading claims on the vaccine. Lack of vaccination does not in any way raise your chances of getting infected or spreading it to those who were reportedly protected. They will admit this fact for a minute, then claim non vaccinated people raise the risk of others, without reasonable evidence… this double talk is a sign of hypocrisy and media sin through out history, knowingly and unknowingly. For example, when a study of fifty people shows a marijuana strain slows down thirty percent of the participants, a questionable mainstream media condemns all marijuana strains in lack of differentiation and/or understanding, they may argue thirty percent is terribly high and ignore investigating why the same strain did not slow down the seventy percent… Then another study on a different strain will reveal marijuana boosts/speeds up the performance of fifty percent of participants in a study, but you can imagine how they may misinterpret this to justify banning a great runner from Olympics/NFL, even over medical marijuana? The media must not be an echo chamber of questionable scientists and politicians through what, what, what. People can be knowingly evil, or sincerely mistaken, including politicians and scientists. We must ask questions and analyse in what, when, how, who, why, and where. When they misinterpret or falsify the effectiveness of the vaccine, we should point it out or illusion will prevail.

We already knew over fifty percent of covid infections have near zero symptoms or pain, so the percentage of vaccinated people with little or no pain with covid infection must not be totally credited to the vaccine. If the vaccine makes five percent differential improvement on study participants , then it is largely ineffective , but still worthy as option… You have every right to learn along, but admit guesses should not be imposed, especially after repeated failures. You need one shot, but what percentage were sick than we who took the marijuana they fight against? No, you need two dicks (vaccines) , but voluntarily, not rape. Still what percentage of one shot got sick versus two shots? No! You need the booster dick or vaccine or you lose your job as my Epstein maid, my R kelly dancer, or I will ban you entry to our country before you make my citizens question vaccines or ‘disagree with questionable lgbtq choices and ‘rights’? i don’t give persons, companies, or governments questionable rights or exceptions. Trends and escalations are vivid for those with eyes, but some are blind to be raised blind?

The wrongs of your time cannot be as exact as those of yesterday. Those who focused on the imperfection of black people can strongly argue the slavery laws should be challenged with begging or not challenged at all. I think the police and judges of such laws were guilty, but how about the voters who supported it, were silent, or under fought like toadies or house Negroes? I applaud some whites and xyz in fighting slavery than many blacks, including slaves… If marijuana laws were confronted with only words, then it would have been still illegal.

So the sincere activists must understand the illegal grower for money or mysterious humanity, and the sellers of illegal marijuana under helped patients in gambling strains, but significantly helped even some cruel folks believe in medical marijuana… likewise, those who resist vaccines are somehow seriously exposing how arrogant governments can be. They argued using marijuana can cause accidents beyond self to deny people work, even as bagger in a supermarket? How many work related accidents marijuana caused in Canada, California, and xyz in these few years compare to the harm of cruel marijuana laws? Now they are claiming unvaccinated people raise infection without figures, so they silently deny millions of poor people work and pressure millions to uncomfortably take a vaccine they distrust and what psychological impact such have? Then a black basketball star refused vaccination even if it means losing millions, and they argue basketball is a close contact game and the vaccinated may get sick or sicker than the brave and unvaccinated? Then a white tennis star can play and have no direct contact with his opponent, but the Australian Government claims a negatively tested foreigner can get covid through its citizens and the tennis association of Australia cannot have house rules that fails to accommodate the fears of politicians and questionable voters? We had guilty judges that supported slavery and apartheid laws, but when did activists convinced some judges’ conscience? We had judges who mercilessly jailed marijuana users, but judges in how many countries differed or waiting to differ through ordinary users and/or activists? The ordinary people who gave government right to enslave people were cruel or sincerely blind to their contribution; the people who supported or supporting marijuana prohibition are literally claiming we must fear what they fear; then the people who over fear covid and over trust the vaccine are insisting we must not just trust the vaccine, but should be sacrificed in the learning, working, and having fun world with denials? Fear is a dangerous disease, but greed and arrogance often follow uncured fear.

You feared a terrible disease that sickens over fifty percent, while some recklessly claim they will be among the unaffected until some learn the hard way? Beside pain, it kills one to five percent, but some vaccinated people think they will be among the 0.5 or xyz percent of heavily sick or dying vaccinated people? The vaccine didn’t remove fear, but adding the arrogance of supporting millions of work denial even if it means death through starvation or xyz? Government rights and responsibiiity sometimes stop at advising…

Feel free to take your vaccine, but assuming that when the air condition blows the virus, it will get the unvaccinated over the vaccinated; then the unvaccinated worker will get sicker but may infect you to get less sickness is not enough… you support the firing of the unvaccinated nurse when s/he does not fear getting sicker while helping you or vaccinated Colin Powell, or should have treat the unvaccinated ordinary labourer , and you blame the rising deaths on the unvaccinated, not the firing of nurses with vaccine concerns ? You are blind to your ‘how’, and the wisdom of ‘ let the male adulterer marry the female adulterer… ‘ in the marvellous recitation or life? This same book gave amazing personal rights than the u.s constitution, but countless Muslims are blind to such rights and misinterpret its beautiful verses and wisdom?

If the vaccine was highly effective , then the countries with the highest vaccination ratio will consistently fare better. Like the millions of responsible marijuana users in Canada is the verifiable study that over shadows the countless smaller studies of marijuana in the past decades; similarly, the infection and death ratio of highly vaccinated countries is more vital than the claims of scientists with smaller studies and unverifiable numbers and claims. External data can reach a level where internal data and so called professional cannot dispute. The smartest doctor cannot tell me marijuana does not help on arthritis and covid 19, because I had both and experience how well it works above conventional medicine.

We long knew marijuana is an amazing pain killer and an anti inflammatory safe product, so why are we not admitting marijuana has anti viral properties, can stop or reduce the pain and inflammation of covid 19? Come get some special marijuana oil in jinack, Gambia, to fight beyond covid or at least die smiling… The mainstream media was a partner in crime during slavery days, apartheid, war against marijuana, and now ignoring the pertinent questions government failed to answer on covid and the vague rights to hide cruelty against its citizens or others? These governments will divide us, because many of us choose fear or greed, towards arrogance? I see little or no difference between one who saw slavery laws on the lens of interest versus any u.s citizen who thinks u.s have the right to hurt me in anyway and hide behind national interest and classified information… I will say God’s curse be upon such ordinary citizens and officials, and i mean it as long as it is just and proportionate. I do not give my president, lawmakers, or enforcers the right to infringe on others rights in the name of law. The law should not be above anyone, but between creatures.

The primary opponent of an unvaccinated tennis player can play or fear to play, but woe to the judges who deny people work, unnecessarily; the vaccinated worker can work or stop working, but should not support unnecessary pressure on others working rights… May the marijuana guy(s) smile over the arrogant supporters of mandatory vaccination, especially who double against marijuana legalisation. We are not against vaccination, but strongly oppose mandatory vaccination on adults. We are not imposing marijuana on any, but must offer it to the willing regardless of what the laws claim… may we triumph and realize worldwide medical marijuana legalisation in 2022 or soonest. May God bless showlove Trinity : let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An activist and transformer….

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