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Danish Start-up ‘Groen Sky’ Offers Green Internet Solution to Data Centres

Green Data Centre X
Green Data Centre X

With the global IT sector and its data centres serving as smokestacks for massive carbon emissions in the environment, one Danish company, “Groen Sky” is leading the charge in reducing the carbon footprint of data centres across the globe.

Groen Sky’s cloud solution launched in September 2021 was widely lauded as the company aims to store data in a way which will help cut emissions by a massive 90 percent.

Ahead of the launch in September, there was also great interest in a crowd-funding campaign to validate demand and raise funds to develop a Groen Sky app for mobile. The company embarked on the crowdfunding initiative via Indiegogo- reaching the goal of the campaign six days before the crowd-funding ended.

In a press release issued on November 9, 2021 Pierre Bennorth, CEO and founder of Groen Sky said ”We see the support as a clear expression that people can see the great benefits of our green cloud solution. Groen Sky is not only climate-friendly, but also cheaper than other solutions for storing data, so if you choose Groen Sky, you can both reduce your CO2 footprint and save money. The great interest in our crowdfunding campaign has documented that one can especially see in the companies that Green Sky makes both consumers and the climate winners. We had expected that it would be the private consumers who would take the lead.”

Groen Sky has touted its cloud solution as the world’s greenest (most climate-friendly) cloud solution for storing photos, films and other data in a way that cuts CO2 emissions by 90 percent.

According to Pierre Bennorth, sundry companies have purchased subscriptions to Groen Sky. With one of the companies intending to hand over its subscription as gifts to students aiming to enhance technical and science education. He added that: “When the students start using Groen Sky and store their files in long-term storage, it will have a positive impact on the company’s own CO2 accounts.”

The reduced carbon footprint is achieved because the cloud solution from Groen Sky divides your files into two groups: files you want immediate access to, and files that can be in a so-called long-term storage. You choose which data you want to access immediately and which should be stored in long-term storage. The more you store in long-term storage, the more you reduce your CO2 footprint, and save money. If you need the files stored in long-term storage, you can access them within a few hours.

For his part, Jason Williamson, VP and Global Head at Oracle for Startups and Oracle for Research said: “Helping our climate and driving sustainability are critical for our future, and startups like Groen Sky are at the forefront pushing innovation forward. We’re proud to be partnering with startups like Groen Sky with our Oracle for Startups program, and powering their solutions with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”

By Dela Ahiawor

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