Dare To Be Different


……….. Human attitude and behavior towards challenges and difficulties vary from one another. We all react differently to opportunities as well, but in the face of all these, dare to be different.

A story is told of a young Ghanaian boy who travelled from his hometown, Kwahu – Tafo to the capital city (Accra) to find greener pastures after years of toil and hard labor which yielded no results but pain. 

Been the first child was much of a burden for Johan since his younger siblings solely depended on him.  So he worked hard to help his single mother take care of them whilst he schooled alongside. Determined to beat against the odds to become a successful person in life, Johan decided to move out of the town to Adabraka.


He met an old friend (Caleb) whom he had once helped in their formative years in school at the main lorry station (Neoplan).  He was happy to see him since they haven’t seen each other in ages. Caleb offered to accommodate his friend in their five bedroom apartment located in the heart of the city. Johan decided to find a job as soon as possible to support his family back home. By the third week of his stay he had distributed over fifty application letters throughout the city.

Fortunately, he received a call from Sollitra Engineering Services, one of the fastest growing Engineering companies in the city. Having applied for the position of an Accounts officer, Johan was the first to enter the premises, well coached and groomed for the interview.  He successfully went through the interview and secured himself the position of an Account Officer. Among his account colleagues, he was the oldest but he humbled himself and served them with utmost respect. There was never a day that Johan was absent from work. This attitude drew him closer to his bosses and supervisors. Things changed for the worse when he was asked to change some figures in his account books anytime there were purchases so as to make way for kickbacks since that has been the norm of their department. He refused to oblige because it was totally in contradiction to his moral values and ethics of the company. 


He explained why it would be impossible for him to be involved in that but his colleagues won’t barge. They started hating him but he still stood his grounds.  One of his supervisors called him to his office to lure him into accepting the “deal”. Evening time when he returned home he discussed it with Caleb who advised him to go all out for it since it could be a blessing in disguise. His conscience didn’t sit well with him. Weeks after weeks his supervisors kept pestering him, he was eventually transferred from that department for no tangible offence committed. It was a difficult time for Johan but he did not relent. He decided in his heart not to conform to the forgery and theft going on in his office. Not long before he was transferred did the culprits confess to the general manager after they were caught for forging figures and selling out some equipment through a private security camera (CCTV) footages. Johan was later promoted to his supervisor’s position for remaining faithful and loyal to the company, this was revealed in the CCTV footage. His promotion came with a brand new car and an apartment closer to the office premises. 


Burden of knowledge of the story:


  • It pays to be different even when you are standing alone
  • Determination is the parachute to success 
  • Kindness pays so much…….. “Cast thy bread upon the waters and you shall find it after many days”
  • The future is always bright for those who work hard towards it.
  • Whatever you are doing today do it as though your life depends on it, the results is always great.



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