Dark Suburb?s priest
Dark Suburb?s priest

Dark Suburb is a new mysterious music band that has popped up in Ghana?s music industry.

The group?s members are not known except the leader, referred to as ?High Priest?.

Dark Suburb?s priest
Dark Suburb?s priest

The band is described as an alternative rock band which is representing the worlds of the living and the dead.

The group?s High Priest, who declined to mention his real name, told NEWS-ONE?s Francis Addo that members have been invoked back to life by him.

So he travels to the underworld to recruit the best singer, drummer, guitarist and pianist to form a great band for the ages.

Below is a conversation with High Priest

Dark Suburb sounds interesting.

The name of the band came up because of the meaning of the two words Dark and Suburb. The word Dark in this context represents the undead and Suburb is the outskirts of an area. The combination of the two words simply means the band represents a certain area of the arts which has not been revealed and fully accepted by society.

?Tell me about Dark Suburb?

Dark Suburb is an Alternative Rock Band caught between the worlds of the seen and the unseen, the living and the dead. I invoked the band back to life because I was disenchanted with the current state of the music industry. I travelled to the underworld to recruit the best singer, drummer, guitarist and pianist to form this great band for the ages. But alas! Before the band can make a transition to the land of the living, they must be accepted by the living. The more they are loved, the more they will be revealed. They draw their breath, form and strength from the vitality of the living. And so for now Dark Suburb is an apparition, their music echoing from the shadows. The more they are loved, the more they will be revealed.

How did the members come together?

I?did that with a dark ancient sorcery.

?Where do they get their inspiration from?
Their inspiration is drawn from everyday life situations, things people find hard to express like love, hatred, jealousy, poverty, to name a few.

What is different about this group that the world hasn?t seen before?

The band itself has never been seen before because we are undead. The mere chance of ever getting to understand the band is something the world has never seen before.

Where are the members of Dark Suburb?

I wish that could be disclosed, but that will only scare you. For now let?s just pretend they are at home watching TV.

What has the group done in the music industry so far?

Dark Suburb just got onto the music scene and is doing marvellously well with their two hit singles, I Dey Feel You Die and? Jump Of A Cliff.

?What?s your style?

Alternative Rock.

?How far does the band want to go?

Beyond your imagination.

?What are people saying about the group?

The feedback has come with a lot of mixed feelings but what is important for us is that we are on the lips of people and gradually they will embrace us more than they are.

?Are you motivated by what people say about the band?

It is not so much about what people say about the band, our motivation lies on the fact that we give out music that appeals to everyone and sends a message that cuts across the whole world.

?What happened to the band at the 4syte Video Awards?

Well I decided to make a mysterious entry at the awards with my assistant. My main objective was to spice the show up a bit and it worked. We are getting massive feedback from our fans and I am glad we chose the 4syte Awards to make our first public appearance.

?So the band members will keep disguising themselves??

I would not like to use the word disguise. There is no identity for the band. What you see is what you get. We are not disguising ourselves; the images you see are the band.

What?s up next for Dark Suburb?

Dark Suburb is preparing for a new single in December.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50 Email: [email protected])

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