Sometimes I wonder what some of these so called female celebrities seek to achieve in their choice of wardrobe especially when attending public functions. Sometimes, it beats my imagination the generation their mamas and papas grew up in.


Emil M. Cioran, a Romanian philosopher and essayist(1911-1995) once stated, ?When an entire nation, at various levels, is in search of rare sensations, when, by the subtleties of taste, it complicates its reflexes, it has acceded to a fatal pitch of superiority. Decadence is merely instinct gone impure under the action of consciousness.?

(I am not attempting one of those ?Holier than thou? stuff here: but having lived through the ages, some things I see today are too obscene, so am just thinking aloud.)

Even those of them who bear what sound like Christian names are the worst clad when pictures of their appearance at this or that programme is put out.

Too many ladies on facebook and other social network pages follow the ungodly habit of these sexual body merchants and expose so much of their cleavage and thighs in their profile pictures, What for?
I wish they took a minute to reflect on what might be in the minds of the men who approach them so clad.
Anyway, Daddy Lumba’s new hit “Yentie Obia” has become their defence. I see many of them posting defiant quotes on facebook to the effect that one has to do what one’s heart desires, not caring about what others might think or say. But you see, that is an ungodly way of thinking.

My response, indeed, not mine, but God’s response to Daddy Lumba’s lyrics is found in the following words from Ecclesiastes:

“Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment.” Ecclesiastes 11: 9.

That lyrical subtlety that the so-called Hiplife music is replete with in this country, is just another sign of a society gone decadent. Sometimes, in their petty intelligence, these modern day sensuous lyric merchants masquerading as musicians think they are hiding their ill-motives in the kasa-kua and kasa-hare as the Akans refer to it, but they can?t fool anybody.

Eugene Louis Vidal, the late American writer once remarked, ?As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate?.?
Mortal man can?t hold you accountable even if you want to display your bedroom things on the streets, but our maker will require accountability one day.

Once upon a time, MUSIGA came to the defence of a female artiste who had nothing else covering the libia majora with a dress carefully designed to expose her frontage with a little bending of the knee, thus exposing things that ?Mama gave her”.
“May you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer?may her breasts satisfy you always,” Proverbs 5: 8 & 9.

The scripture quoted above is a clear demonstration that the woman’s cleavage is a reserved asset of her husband and must not be put on a promo like any merchandise.

However the display of these delicate features of Mother ?aww?h’s daughters on facebook, Instagram, you name them makes me fear that we may wake up one day and have Eden Garden re-enacted on our streets.
These days preachers are even scared to look down the front rows from the pulpit, because hm! Some of our sisters have dared to take the skimpy clothing culture even to the house of God.

But what I dread is that after young men see all bedroom things displayed cheaply and freely on the streets many might not have any motivation/or the wrong motivation to get married. In that case, increasing cases of divorce might be the result. God help us.

PS: These Fiesta CONDOMS adverts on TV, RADIO AND BILLBOARDS, Aren’t they too explicit and too corrupting for morality in our country?

Once upon a time, around 2007, a Billboard near the Polo Courts along the Airport bypass which was advertising sanitary pads, “Strength Between the thighs” had so much denunciation that it had to be pulled down I am therefore surprised that nobody has seen anything wrong with promotions that promote sexual promiscuity. Or in this case, we have been enjoying the obscene suggestive gestures, right?

Check the lyrics and vibes, visuals and pictures in the promos, they only talk about the sensuous pleasure, rather than educating people against unprotected sex, and many of those they used in the promos show clearly a society that accepts pre-marital-sex, youth sexual orgies etc for its young ones.

Or are there different regulations and ethics for different products in the advertising industry?

Source: By Justice Lee Adoboe


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