David Kanga: Electoral Commission Operates Independently.

A former Deputy Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, David Kanga says the operations of the Electoral Commission (EC) are autonomous of any political oppression and entity; therefore its activities cannot be linked with partisan motives.
David Kanga assured Ghanaians that the Electoral Commission is a credible body and would not do the bidding of any political party.
The independence of the EC is legally backed by the constitution of Ghana and therefore no attempt can be made to jeopardize the independent nature of the Commission.
He asserted that ?in many cases, the Electoral Commission?s actions are based upon legal provisions and it?s not easy for you to put the legal provisions aside and do what you like.?
Due to the constitutional provisions, the Commission can ?truly act independently of any interference of authority or anybody.?
Mr Kanga discounted accusations that the EC is in bed with the governing party, and he therefore put the blame on the doorstep of the political parties.
To him, parties, particularly those in opposition, fail to make verifications from the EC when they have qualms over an issue.
In an interview with Citi FM, Mr Kanga elucidated that ?Based upon perceptions, they may not understand something, instead of coming forward to ask for explanation, they don?t. You know, many Ghanaians believe that when you are in power, you can do everything you want so people tend to think that the leadership of the Electoral Commission could do what they want …because they favour somebody.?
He expounded that parties become restless when elections approach and tend to raise eyebrows over the activities of the Electoral Commission.
He therefore held a view that ?when parties are in opposition, they get very easily agitated and they tend to think that because government is providing the resources, the leadership of the Commission will tend to try to do things so that they get the resources? but the ?only thing we needed to do was always to justify the request we were putting to government for resources.?
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