Deadly ECG Transformer Threatening Human Lives at Ashongman

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Some Residents of Ashongman are living in fear due to the that installation of an electricity transformer close to the main gate of their house

The high voltage transformer is said to be threatening their lives due to the heat waves the transformer emits. Besides, it has occupied the entire space used by the children as a playing ground.

Several calls have been placed to the authorities of the Electricity Company of Ghana from the Public Relations unit to the regional and district offices but nothing has been done help.

Somewhere last year officials from the ECG at the Kwabenya district visited the house and met owners of the property. Upon observations, they promised to relocate the transformer by the end of December 2022 but their promise has not been fulfilled after almost a year. Perhaps they want record casualties first before they respond properly.

The owners of the facility have placed several calls to the ECG but they have refused to act.

The residents are therefore appealing to the Minister of Energy, Mathew Opoku Prempeh and the Managing Director of the ECG to intervene and ensure that the transformer is relocated to avoid any preventable death.

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