Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, who is participating in the XVIth NAM summit being held here, said on Wednesday, that both India and Pakistan need to tackle their disputes and other issues in a more mature manner, so that they don’t continue to haunt the two countries and their respective governments.?

Responding to a question on the recent flood of SMSs that had created panic and pandemonium among people from the northeastern part of India, and to the Indian Government’s reaction that some of these messages had their origins in Pakistan, Khar said: “I think simply that we need to really find a more mature way to be able to be handle all of these issues because they will continue to haunt us.”

“If both sides are committed to move forward, I think, we should show our commitment, and I can assure you, that the Pakistani side is committed to moving forward beyond this, and on any other issue that arises between the two countries,” she added.?”So, I am, in my position, very disappointed every time something reaches Pakistan through the media, because we believe that we have been able to invest in this relationship enough to expect a call from any counterpart if any such concern, suspicion arises. Because, we have to move beyond this. You know, really, giving more fuel to a hostility type of a narrative in each other’s media, I think, your media, really needs to become more positive,” she added.

When asked whether Pakistan would now move against the perpetrators of 26/11 in the wake of the Supreme Court of India confirming the death sentence on lone surviving terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab, and whether the much promoted ‘Aman ki Asha’would actually have meaning, Khar said: “Recently, the Pakistani High Commissioner in India (Salman Bashir) had given a very good interview, in which he has said repeatedly and clearly articulated what the requirements are to move forward in that.

So, we cannot not have a response to that and allow for instance people from Pakistan any access and still expect to forward.”



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