Dear GC,

I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend for two years now and I’m now being pressured into settling down by my family. I met my girlfriend at University in the UK where we both studied.

I was really struggling at the time and I fell for her when I met her. She did a lot for me and she has made me very happy.  After not finding work for more than a year after graduation, my father convinced me to return home to the family business to at least have an income and prospects.

I didn’t want to return but I needed the money for my masters, I wasn’t in a good job and wanted to be with my girlfriend. I felt like I had no choice after struggling for a year.

Even though I’m better off financially I still want to get back to her. Without discussing with me first my mother has now arranged for me to meet with her friend’s daughter. I know she means well but I already know the woman I want to be with.

The whole family think I should not put all my eggs in one basket and all my siblings and family have said I should at least meet her. I feel I’m betraying my girlfriend if I go ahead to hang around with this new girl.

My brothers say at least if I don’t like the girl it’s no big deal. I feel much pressure not to disappoint and as the oldest of 5 I guess it’s expected of me to marry and set an example. I’m starting to wonder if I should go to the meeting.


Dear Michael,

It sounds like the pressure of people’s own needs is getting to you and you are trying to please all but yourself.

Your family may be trying to give you a picture of living life back home. If you met this new person and marry you may end up deferring your plans so think carefully about where this meeting may take you!

Hope this helps!

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