Dear GIJ Guys, From Me To You.

From: Justica Anima
Holla, Charlie how be?
As school is about resuming, thought it wise to let you know a few things your girl(s) want to see a change in. School is where we all come to socialise and familiarise with one another, so I beg no hard feelings as I pour out my heart. Apparently, a few of you do not fall into the category of what I’m about sharing, however, majority do. I hope you hear me out and take my words in good fate. Perhaps, you could give me a high-five when we meet around campus ‘cos I’m sure I’m saving you a lot of stress having to find these out yourself.
First of all, I believe a long vacation may have brought you to the realisation that sharing is indeed caring. It is by no mistake that this saying was brought up. Infact, how on earth can a guy be so chisel? Jeez! Let’s be frank, you guys are too chisel. You rather want the ladies to always do you the favors instead (what is that?). That, my brothers, is so not fine at all. Common coke, transportation fare, and even pure water, you don’t want to give a girl. I beg guys, this semester we wanna see a change. A Legon girl doesn’t suffer this at all. If you happen to meet their guys anywhere kindly learn a thing or two from them. Pamper us else don’t bother us with unnecessary chats and calls.
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My next concern is your dressing. Hehe. My friends and I kinda gossip about that a lot. Ladies are generally known for being concerned about their general outlook. It is sad I can’t say same about my GIJ paddies. Some coat and shudders guys will wear to school can scare. Look, we ladies like fine things ooo. I beg, you guys should macho up. And for those “cool” fashionista guys, all I can say is we ‘dig’ you. At least, the “abongo”  ones can learn a thing or two from you people.
Is it a trend or what? Every guy wears long sleeves and office attire to school. If it’s not compulsory it should stop or at least mellow out. What happened to all the cool shorts, sneakers, and blazers that guys put on? Sometimes you make the ladies feel as though we were sitting in class with our uncles and daddies and it’s not even funny. A friend who was visiting me on campus for the first time asked me if the guys in my school were all married. I laughed and asked why. She replied that they dress as though they were, so as to scare single ladies off. This made both of us laugh out loud.
Please I understand that you are students and as such cannot live outside of your means or whatever. I’m just saying act a bit cool and gentlemanly. What even beats my mind is a guy who in this century behaves someway towards women. As you are in a communication school, a lot of women will be around you. Please, treat them right. You do not want to be the reason why a lady will carry wrong perceptions about men with her all her life. Most of you are good but are corrupted along the line. Please don’t be corrupt okay, the world already is.
Most of you need to learn how to talk politely. Stop living in the era where they say a woman must be submissive to a man, as if submissive isn’t relative. You cannot expect to talk ‘trash’ to an educated woman and expect her to look back at you voiceless. Women these days have been taught to think and act for themselves. Treat her right and you have no problem. I most often hear the guys say that the ladies do not respect and so they will have nothing to do with them. Hello! You better learn how to relate with women from school. There may be a lot of answers you will find out about us by just been nice to us. Who knows? You might find your future wife from there. Women are not that complicated, you just need to have enough balls and mastery to deal with them. Begin dealing fairly towards women at this stage of your life. You have all the access to all the variety of women, and even your male counterparts, to learn how to deal with people in general. Fix your anti-social, or lemme say “anti-women” character from this semester on. The sooner you do, the better for you.
Stop calling girls names, it’s not a gentleman thing. Stop being selfish over handouts. Stop gossiping about ladies even in their presence. Stop fighting with ladies at the canteen over who came first and who did not. It’s okay to let a lady buy her food first, and even nicer to pay for her food after she is done ordering(oh yes! Lol). Stop threatening them because they would not date you but date someone instead when all you do is watch them walk from school to Police Headquarters everyday (GIJ girls are suffering, no guy to even give us a lift or board a taxi for us. Haha.). Maybe if you guys align yourself properly, the school will be a better place. After all, it’s a man’s world, isn’t it?
This semester and the ones to follow, dress well, speak well, behave well. And to those of you who don’t bath before coming to school, we know you all. One of these days we shall expose you like Holy Spirit exposing evil spirits at a church gathering.
This is my small “letter of concern” to my lovely GIJ guys. I hope you recieve it in peace and buy me bread and egg plus coke(I love coca-cola) when you see me on campus. Otherwise, contact me via comment or email with your reply. I’m patiently waiting.
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