According to the leadership of the family who announced to be descendants of one great king of Asanteman Nana Obiri Yeboah, the claim by Hon Kojo Bonsu that the sofoline terminal belongs to KMA and for that matter government’s property is neither here nor there, challenging that any attempt by Hon Kojo Bonsu to commence what they described as the so called purported redevelopment of the terminal will pilot his untimely death in view of the fact that they members of the royal family are ever poised towards ensuring that whoever interfers with their land covering the terminal plus other locations is eliminated through any spiritual means possible.

Mayor Kojo Bonsu
Mayor Kojo Bonsu

The leadership of Ekuona Asaman Kani royal family who appears to have lost confidence in the power of the judiciary following the snubbing of a prevailing court injunction by Hon Kojo Bonsu which restricts him from exercising ownership or commencing any project at the site in question have strongly vowed to appease the gods with the children , nephew and grand children of the kumasi mayor after the curse has run its full course and that whoever joins or has joined hands with Hon Kojo Bonsu in his vague planned redevelopment of the terminal despite the court injunction will face a similar fate.

In an interview with an old lady called Nana . Mansa who is a leading member of the family and has planned to invoke the diabolic curse,the CEO for laspalmas who is alledged to be the one hon kojo Bonsu wants to offer the contract to operate as a BOT should be advised to go back to the mayor and claim the refunding of all monies he thinks he has given for the contract else he too will be cursed to give up his ghost untimely, paterned after the premature death of the mayor.

Speaking to Nana Adjei Twum Barimah, spokesperson for the family, he maintained that authorities of KMA should as a matter of their own safety stay away from the land until court finally descides the true owner else “we will curse them. If Hon kojo Bonsu thinks he can flout the order of the judiciary, then we will try another alternative by taking the matter up spiritually and battle him through the power of our river dieties”.

Source : / Sammy Adjei



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