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Debuting Sensation: Kin-Emson Releases Captivating Single ‘Jole’

Kin Emson
Kin Emson

Ghanaian music enthusiasts have a new artist to watch as Kin-Emson makes his debut with the release of his first single, “Jole.”

Born Emmanuel Dery Forson, Kin-Emson steps onto the music scene as a highlife and Afrobeat artist, showcasing a remarkable blend of talent and heartfelt emotion in his music.

“Jole,” Kin-Emson’s inaugural track, is a melodic proclamation of his affection and deep connection with a special someone. The title draws its roots from the Ga language, where “Jole” translates to “lover.” Through this choice, Kin-Emson aims to express the profound emotions he experienced during his journey of falling in love.

Produced by the skilled Disaab Groove, “Jole” combines highlife and Afrobeat elements, creating a captivating rhythm that perfectly complements Kin-Emson’s soulful vocals. The song’s enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics convey a timeless message – the unbreakable nature of true love.

Kin Emson X
Kin Emson X

Kin-Emson, who began his musical journey at a young age, introduces himself as an energetic and versatile artist. After years of honing his craft, “Jole” marks his official entry into the music industry. Kin-Emson’s voice resonates effortlessly over the song’s highlife tempo, showcasing his dedication to his artistry.

Looking ahead, Kin-Emson envisions a future where his music resonates across borders and cultures, touching the hearts of listeners worldwide. With “Jole” as the first milestone of this ambitious journey, Kin-Emson aspires to share his exceptional talent, unique style, and profound messages with audiences across the globe. listen here https://ditto.fm/jole

About Kin-Emson

Kin-Emson, born Emmanuel Dery Forson, is a Ghanaian highlife and Afrobeat artist with a passion for music that spans over a decade. Despite starting his musical journey as a child, “Jole” is his first official single, reflecting his commitment to sharing his unique sound with the world. Kin-Emson’s music encapsulates his energy, versatility, and unwavering dedication to his craft. With a vision to reach a global audience, Kin-Emson aims to establish his name in the international music scene.

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