— Kenyans given until Tuesday to present their views on contentious election laws to the Senate committee on legal affairs. The team will draft a report and then present it to the Senate Thursday following an extension of the deadline by a day due to the New Year holiday.

An amendment to the election laws, which allows manual vote count in next August’s presidential election, has heightened political temperatures in the country with opposition coalition Cord threatening to call for mass protests. (Saturday Nation)

— Government to ship into the country some three million bags of subsidized fertilizer early next year in readiness for the planting season. While this would be a relief to farmers, the country needs between 10-20 million bags. (Standard on Saturday)

— Opposition leader Raila Odinga asks legislators to stop passing laws that undermine the country’s bid to conduct free and fair elections. (The Star) Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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