?The leadership of the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital with its Board Chairman and Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eddie Annan and Prof. Afua Hesse respectively, have decided to continue deceiving the people of Ghana as regards health service delivery at the hospital.

prof_afua_hesseThis has been described as a clear ?Deception? on their part to continuously put dust into the eyes of the public into believing that all is well at the Nation?s premier hospital.

It could be recall that over the weekend, pregnant women due for delivery at the maternity ward of the hospital were transferred to the surgical department upon the closure of the theatre ward.

Reliable information gathered by The Moment is that the problem at the recovery ward and the theatre was as result of the broken down of a transformer which powered these departments. These transformers have been broken down for a long period of time without management caring a beef of repairing them.

But in trying to cover-up for their inactions and failures, Eddie Annan and Prof. Hesse used TV3 Network to do their ?dirty? biddings for them by capturing scenes from the OPD on Monday.

The Moment can say on authority that the issue of transfer of pregnant women happened on Saturday but not on Monday.

It has also been established that the inability of management to avert the unfortunate situation was as a result of the fact that he, Eddie Annan sacked the Director of General Services from attending Board meetings and for that matter no meaningful contributions have been received from her for which the situation could be prevented.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the hospital Mustapha Salifu is on record to have stated that the pregnant women were transferred for routine maintenance work being carried out at the maternity ward. But in any case, if it was really maintenance work, are they telling the people of Ghana that Korle-Bu has no preventive maintenance Plan Schedule for all the equipments at the hospital, for which case pregnant women in labour had to be transferred from the maternity ward to the surgical department 500 metres away from the maternity ward.

All these happening at the hospital The Moment can say, were the direct result of the fact that Prof. Afua Hesse, who is holding onto a position as the Acting CEO neglected Clinical services which is the core business of the hospital and rather focusing on support services, where she and her cronies are alleged to have been benefitting from.

This clear case of deception at the hospital has been a source of worry to many people who think the best thing to do is for the President to sack the leadership and make room for competent persons to take up the job.

Below is an eye witness account of what patients go through in the hands of nurses, doctors and heads of departments at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, for which case people die on daily basis.




Dear Sodzi,

It really breaks my heart to write to you under unpleasant circumstance, given our warm friendly friendship as far back as Achimoma .when you later become a doctor, I also became a sort of defacto defender of Ghana?s Health System, its inherent weaknesses notwithstanding .Whenever anyone complained bitterly about being the reciepiant of some bad treatment from health prpfessionls, I sympathized? but quietly reflected that perhaps, they were either exaggerating or had had some role to play in their misfortune.

But you know what? Kobina is dead. He died under appalling circumstances in one of our big hospitals after suffering from stroke in his early thirties. And to be brutally honest with you, this has been the most terrible experience of my life. So terrible in fact, that now, I will believe anything anyone tells me about the poor quality of care and the attitudes that some health professionals put up.

Having lost his power of speech, we communicated with Kobina through sign language. Most times, despite leaving him food, he would signal that he had not been fed.? My brother was hungry in the hospital that charged for meals. Despite leaving adequate bedding, we will meet him comprehensively wet. If only they would allow one family member to sleep by him. But they would not and this stressed us ut.? Moreover, the beds in his warrd were not equipped with bed alarms to enable him draw attention when he was facing one risis or the other. One day, another patient? who? shared? the same? ward with my? brother, and had just been discharged told? me in the corridor, ?The nurses? have not been treting your? brother? well.? This message sent shivers down my spine. Since?? the? nurses? display? enthusiasm? only when? it? come to ringing? the bell? continuously? to sigmal the end? of visiting? hours, I began? to? experince? sleepless nights? not knowing? the? kind? of? care? Kobina? was? being? given? after? visiting hours.

Why do you nurses sit so far from?? the patients on the wards?? Why do they have to be so rude to us?? What does it take to smile and to be courteous to a patient?? Treating relatives of patients like thrash, they forget that ?everybody is somebody.? We are all professionals in our own right. If? you come? to see me in the bank or you consult my other? siblings? for legal services, and?? we treated? you? the way? you treated me in your hospital, how? would? you? feel?? The? fact? that I feel? helpless? and? powerless on? account of? illness? and disability gives? health professionals? abosolutely? no right? to? be? so rude? to us.

Sometimes, doctors would prescribe a particular drug, prescribe it again.? Not knowing? what was? going? on,? I was alerted? at the Pharmacy? by? the? fact tat? the amount quated? was? exactly the? same amount I had paid? three days earlier. This drug was by the way, not inexpensive. On drawing? the Pharmacist?s attention? to? the price? similarlity, he? confirmed that he was going to serve me exactly the same? unused? drugs? at an? etra? charge.

On the coming of the day Kobina died my dad insisted that i stay although visiting hours had ended. This was because he was in such bad shape. The ward had a writing room where I and a lot of other patient relatives were waiting. the television was on, its? low? monotone? a welcome? distraction? from? our? overwhelming? sorrow? and dread of impending doom as we stared? shouted, visiting? hours are? over. All of you leave. This is not your sitting room ?Television. What is a television when my brother is dying?

In the afternoon, a doctor prescribed medication to prevent convulsion .Not too long after that, Kobina started twitching. I literally run to the pharmacist where I must have disturbed atelenovels aficionado, given the wicked looks. I was rewarded with. On my return, I quickly handed the drugs over to the Matron in charge. With no sense of urgency, she asked me to go was convulsing .The Matron then added ?Ma w?ani nko nurse no so. Efisee oye student? non ? health professional, supervise how a health professional does their work? It was not until after twenty minutes that the nurse arrived to admisnister the medication to convulsing Kobina.

At about 5:00pm I noticed that my brother?s had suddenly become irregular and I therefore rushed to the desk of the matron in charge. Sodzi, her response was one of indifference. Really? Okay go and monitor his breathing again and if you notice that the situation is persisting, come and call me?. She then ignored me and resumed writing what seemed more like a ?dissertation? rather than attampt to save a dear life. Alasi, by the time a doctor was alerted, the situation had woresened. Subsequent attampts to stabilize him failed and I lost my dear brother. Where are the Florence Nightingales of Ghana? Why are most of them immune to the suffering of partients?

I know anybody could saythis, but I tell you Sodzi Kobina was an angel. He had such a pure heart. He knew the Lord and he served him with all his heart. This has really been too much for me.

I know how often you advocate for annual health screening. Well despite screening every year for the past eight years, best practice failed him. In 2004, he was diagnosed with a condition. Every year, upon advice, he went for a checkup. Every year, he was cleared, giving us the false impression that his condition was not so serious. Imagine my utter shock and dismay therefore when after his death, one doctor remarked that he should been operated upon eight years ago!

If he could have been operated upon eight years ago, why didn?t anyone tell us? Was it the cost? We could easily have raised whatever amount was required. Telling me after my brother?s death that he could have been saved eight years ago when the health system saw him every year was like plunging a knife into my heart.

We did not force you to go into this profession of healthcare. It may well been that Kobina?s death was inevitable. At least, you could have done your best to leave me with good memories that the health professionals actually care and did di their best. As it is, i am left with the impression that many health workers perform their tasks as if under compulsionthey don?t really care about what they are doing.

I found many of the doctors to be courteous. But given that they were not present most of the time, the responsibilities of actual contact with patients and their relatives, most often, fell on nurses. It is possible that doctors have conveniently put themselves into this position of comfort where they see no evil, hear no evil and do no evil. My points is this, that if doctors are really the leaders of the health system as they claim to be, then they cannot abdicate their leadership role and pretend not to know some of the very terrible things that patients have to suffer. If? doctors genuinely do not have a clue as to the day to day happenings in their various units,? then, they are at best, not true leaders, driving the system to achieve good results, or at worst, are simply incompetent.

I am sorry for all this but have been absolutely the worst experience of my life.


Nana Akosua


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