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Defamed female journalist rides on Kremlin’s shoulder


Famous people in the world always fall prey to wrong women resulting in fall from grace. Emperors lost their throne due to women. Politicians got their career smashed for the same reason. On the other hand, for centuries, women have been deployed on espionage purposes. Matahari is one example.

Diplomatic missions in most of the countries are always targets of rival nations. In the West, we hear about controversies generated due to foreign spies inside various diplomatic missions or diplomats being recruited as agents on numerous missions.

For the past few years, especially following the beginning of the construction of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh, which is being implemented under financial and technical assistance from Russia. The Russian embassy in Bangladesh has become a valuable target of various foreign nations who felt unhappy seeing Rosatom State Corporation implementing this project, which may open prospects for Russia in having few more projects in Bangladesh in the future. Russia’s rival missions in Dhaka – which include the US and EU embassies must be looking to sabotage the Rooppur project as well as cordial relationship between Dhaka and Moscow. Already something has started happening which might not have yet caught the attention of authorities concerned in Moscow. One extremely controversial individual has successfully infiltrated deep inside the Russian Embassy in Bangladesh.

Munni Saha, a controversial journalist from Bangladesh, caught my attention with two news stories about Russian President Vladimir Putin on her recently launched YouTube channel named ‘Ek Taka’r Khabar.’

Firstly, I am very surprised that the Russian Embassy in Dhaka has associated with such a controversial journalist without checking her background. They have not noticed that Munni Saha has been attempting to brand Russian President Vladimir Putin as “Rusputin.” Moreover, she made a video with Bangla subtitles on Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson. The entire content is filled with laughable typos. At some point it can be even suspected that Munni Saha has on-purpose made such typos – for example, she calls Putin as “Puting ” with the motive of making Russia and Russian President a laughing stock. Surprisingly, this video has been shared at the official Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in Dhaka.

The typos in Saha’s video on Vladimir Putin’s interview could even be due to her lack of knowledge and efficiency. Munni Saha during her entire career as a journalist has never covered any international issue. She does not understand the sensitivity of global politics, particularly current rivalries between Russia and the Political West. Possibly due to this reason, she had no problem in putting a poorly-edited video of substandard quality on her YouTube channel, one of which has been shared by the Russian Embassy.

But the Russian Embassy in Dhaka as well as the Russian Foreign Ministry may not know the background of Munni Saha yet.

Even a few years ago, Munni Saha was known as a confidante of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She was a regular member of Hasina’s foreign tours. Using such connections, Saha managed residential plots and amassed huge amounts of cash while she even succeeded in becoming the Chief Executive Officer of a private news channel named ATN News. But things went upside down as Munni Saha’s real face was exposed to Bangladesh Prime Minister in 2013 when she attempted to secretly record the conversation of Sheikh Hasina. As the matter caught the attention of Special Security Forces, they immediately intervened and seized the secret recorder from possession of Munni Saha. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina turned violently angry and asked her office to declare Saha a Persona Non Grata. Following this incident, when Munni Saha was criticized by Dhaka’s press circle, she, instead of admitting guilt, proudly said it was her journalistic duty to secretly record “anyone’s conversation” or even film anything.

Munni Saha has made a huge fortune through blackmailing, yellow journalism and espionage activities. She is a “Matahari” under the garb of a journalist. Her incident centering Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had already pushed her out of mainstream journalism though she still was tolerated by Dr Mahfuzur Rahman, Chairman of ATN Bangla and ATN News. But she also tried to trap Dr Rahman through her similar evil practice as she did with Sheikh Hasina in 2013. As a result, Munni Saha was booted-out of ATN News, thus finally putting her in a situation where none of the media houses in Bangladesh were willing to employ this poisonous snake. Finding no job at any of the media outlets, Munni Saha launched her YouTube channel while the contents of the channel have an extremely meagre number of viewers. Even the website of her ‘Ek Taka’r Khobor’ is not active. In fact – ‘Ek Taka’r Khobor’ is just a last resort for Munni Saha to somehow keep her name alive within the media circle in Bangladesh, while majority of the journalists know her as a blackmailer, a crook and a foreign mercenary. She has definitely been planted at the Russian Embassy in Dhaka by any of the rivals. Soon bosses in the Kremlin shall see her real face.

M A Hossain, political and defense analyst based in Bangladesh. He can be reached at: writetomahossain@gmail.com

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