Defend the Deep: SOA Ghana Hub leads the fight against deep-sea mining

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SOA Ghana, deep sea mining campaign

Accra, Ghana – June 15, 2024 – In response to the urgent threats posed by deep-sea bed mining, Sustainable Ocean Alliance Ghana Hub is launching a ground breaking initiative to form an alliance of media and civil society organizations (CSOs) to advocate against deep-sea bed mining.

This project, titled “Media+CSO Alliance to Defend the Deep,” aims to protect marine ecosystems and promote sustainable practices in Ghana and across Africa.

Deep-sea bed mining poses significant threats to the marine environment, with potential impacts on biodiversity, climate regulation, and the livelihoods of coastal communities. Gideon Sarpong, environmentalist and founder of SOA Ghana Hub, emphasizes the critical need for action: “Protecting the deep sea is vital in addressing climate change and safeguarding coastal communities across Africa. Deep-sea mining threatens to disrupt these delicate ecosystems, and it is imperative that nations come together to halt these activities.”

Project Overview

This initiative, supported by Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), involves several key activities aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing action and it is part of SOA Ghana’s ongoing effort to defend the deep and protect the marine ecosystem.

Stakeholder engagement: A stakeholder conference at the University of Cape Coast will bring together researchers, academics, and CSOs to discuss the implications of deep-sea bed mining. The event will culminate in the publication of a policy position paper advocating against these practices.

Journalist training: The project will also train at least ten journalists on the dangers of deep-sea bed mining, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to report on this critical issue. This training will lead to increased media coverage and public awareness.

Digital Campaign: An online campaign will seek to secure 100 signatures for a petition urging Ghana’s environmental and foreign affairs ministers to oppose deep-sea bed mining. This petition aims to exert pressure on policymakers to take a firm stand against these harmful activities.

About SOA Ghana Hub

SOA Ghana Hub, part of the global Sustainable Ocean Alliance network, is dedicated to empowering local communities, journalists, and organizations to protect the ocean. Through initiatives like the Media+CSO Alliance to Defend the Deep, SOA Ghana Hub aims to foster sustainable practices and influence policy decisions that safeguard marine ecosystems.

SOA Ghana Hub calls on all environmentalists, policy makers and friends of the ocean & climate to join the fight against deep-sea bed mining and protect our oceans for future generations.

For more information, visit SOA Ghana Hub’s website or contact Gideon Sarpong at

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