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Define Dr. Bawumia to Ghanaians

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Whenever an NPP tells you that the 2024 elections is going to be based on issues, don’t mind him/her. That person is just trying to run away from Dr. Bawumia being a religious flip-flopper. What issues did Dr. Bawumia present to the delegates in their November election? *One thing he told the delegates was that he was selected because he is a Muslim and that he is representing the interests of the Muslim community and not his own* Didn’t you hear him say that?

The NPP are saying Muslims go to church and Christians go to the mosque, so it’s not a big deal. The big deal in all this is that, yes, *Muslims go to church, but they don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the savior who, is coming back to rescue the world from the anti-Christ* Unfortunately, this is what Dr. Bawumia believes in.

Dr. Bawumia prays 5 times a day, with his forehead touching the floor and facing the East. Christians don’t do that. Yes, Christians may pray 5 times a day but not with their forehead touching the floor and facing East. They don’t believe in that. So, which religion is Dr. Bawumia? A Christian, who believes Jesus Christ is the savior or a Muslim who prays facing East?

Hon. Sam George has described Dr. Bawumia as a religious prostitute. I will also define Dr. Bawumia as a religious flip-flopper. He is a Christian in the night and a Muslim in the day. Such a fraudster wants to be the President? Where did Ghana go wrong? A president who doesn’t know his religion? He is a Christian in the church and a Muslim in the mosque. Dr. Bawumia is a dangerous Christian and must be stopped. He is scandalous.

What is Dr. Bawumia’s position on LGBTG? So far he has been silent on that issue but Dr. Opoku-Prempeh (NAPO) is tallest for the running mate slot. Do you remember NAPO as Education Minister, sneaked homosexuality as a syllabus into our education system? This is not something we should easily forget.

The mother of the former aide to Dr. Bawumia, , Kwabena Boadu is asking Dr. Bawumia to tell us who killed her son. Can we define Dr. Bawumia as a criminal, so long as he hasn’t given us the answers?

The Regional Minister, Hon. Simon Osei Mensah, and the NPP in Ashanti Region said in 2016 that under no circumstances would they vote for a “Tani” Today, their flag bearer is a “Tani” Would they vote for him or stay home on Election Day? The northerners are now saying they will not vote for a Fulani girl to be the First Lady. It’s payback time. Maybe, Dr. Bawumia needs to go back to his first wife.

The NPP have started selling Dr. Bawumia as a gentle, humble and a poor man. They think we have short memories and will quickly forget how we voted for Nana Addo in 2016 and 2020. Campaigning against Dr. Bawumia needs not be so sophisticated. Anything little can bring and shut him down completely.
Aba no, Mahama afa.

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