Deks Educational Institute plant trees to mark Day of the African Child


Students and staff of Deks Educational Institute in collaboration with the Tema Metropolitan Assembly marked the 2021 International Day of the African Child with tree plant as part of the Green Ghana Project.`

Mr. Joseph Koto, TMA Presiding Member who also participated in the tree planting exercise observed that the Assembly decided with stakeholders to make the 2021 Day of the African Child a memorial event with the tree planting.

He told the Ghana News Agency that, TMA felt that they should plant trees on such a day so it would not only protect the environment but teach children on the essence of tree planting.

Mr. Koto indicated that, Tema was an industrial hub with a lot of carbon related emissions into the atmosphere, therefore, the need to plant trees and counter such emissions.

As part of the commemoration, trees were planted at the Bethel Hospital and Deks Educational Institute in an attempt to imbibe in children the sense of protecting the natural environment from negative exploitation.

Dr. Chris Aidoo, the Medical Director of the Bethel Hospital observed that the climate in West Africa over the last few years had changed. “The rains that we expect don’t come as expected and the weather has become so hot, so it’s a very good way of getting our natural habitat back.”

Dr. Aidoo said trees took in carbon dioxide and gave out oxygen, “So if we have a lot of trees, we would have a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere and that is good for us.”

In refereeing to his Hospital, he said the trees would provide enough shade for patients who could come out and sit around for fresh and said that would aid in the quick recovery.

Dr. Aidoo said the exercise was necessary, especially for the children to learn, and called for a repeat of it for it to becomes part of the Ghanaian society.

Ms. Adalia Duah, a pupil of Deks Educational Institute, in a welcome address, indicated that “the African child, like any other child, deserves the right to quality education, shelter, healthy environment, health care and medium of expression.”

Ms. Duah said the school loved to go green “so we couldn’t agree less with the Ghana Go Green agenda particularly for children…because this is the generation that can make peace with nature.”

Mr. Mark Dei, General Manager, Deks Educational Institute, said the future of the African child would be good if leaders did not mess up with the politics of education.

Mr. Dei said, “If we stick to educating the child, broaden his horizon and make them aware of what is good and what is helpful; the sort of education which involves scientific and technical knowledge, it would benefit the economy and the nation.”

He asked political leaders to continue to protect the environment so the children would grow up to meet a good environmental legacy.

The Coordinator of Abibinsroma Foundation, Mr. Robert Amiteye, said wellbeing of children was paramount to society and, “So, we need to enhance their rights, freedom of expression, right to better environment, health care delivery, quality education,” he said.

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