Democracy is not helping matters in Ghana


There are many forms of government,among them are autocracy,monarchy,communism,oligarchy,theocracy,ochlocracy and democracy.

Democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln..Is a government of the people,by the people and for the people.Ghanaians in 1983 should have chosen other system of government instead of democracy due to the following reasons.

In Ghana,presidential elections is to be carried out every four years and each president can hold office for two terms making eight years.This will make the president base on winning election instead of development of the nation.Somebody may ask ,what if the president is in his/her second term?I acknowledge that question but there is a saying in Latin that Qui sum mutum datum,qui mutum datum espectatum which means To whom much is given much is expected.The incumbent president will ensure that a member from his or her political party takes over

Democracy leads to conflict.Democracy is connected to elections and unfair election can lead to conflict,lets cast our mind back to countries like Rwanda,Liberia and cote d’ivore,There were series of conflicts all because of unfair election.How many times do we hear states rising against states,parties rising against parties in monachycal system of government or authocratic system of government.

In Ghana and Africa as whole,during which times do we her We cry for peace,perfect peace?isnt it election times?All this potray there is a question mark on the practice of demcracy…

l always feel sad when i hear people saying,in democratic states the state is ruled by ordinary citezens via elected representatives,So were all Ghanaians aware about the arrival of the Guantanamo Bay Detainees.So are Ghanaians taking part in direct governance of the state.Democracy indeed!

Moreover,democracy is very expensive to operate.Money need to be pumb into election every four years yet still we say Ghana is a poor country.Have you asked yourself why donor countries are interested in electoral activities than development activities?Is all because of the money they gain from it.Parliamentarians and minister are paid every month in addition to free petrol,accomodation, and allowances.Sombody may say that they are paid because of their work….well,were the chiefs and elders being paid during their era for discussing an issue concerning the town or village?Somebody may also say that,is this not increasing employment rate in Ghana?well,but cant these monies be use in establishment of industries which can employ more than this?Why should a poor country like Ghana adopt such an expensive system of government.

In Ghana,representatives are elected on moneytocracy instead of meritocracy.In a system of voting,majority rules and there is no distinction between votes cast by literates and illiterates.Peoples may favor someone base on factors like tribe instead of capabilities.Thus the person elected by the public may not always be the right candidiate for the position.

Majority rule,majority rule,majority rule.What about the minority?are they not citezens?In democracy interest of the majority have to be catered to.In the attempt to appease the masses,the true purpose may be over loooked.

In a nut shell,Ghanaians should seek another system of government instead of democracy.Ghana’s peace and stability is at risk with democracy,Ghana cannot develop with democracy.Democracy is like a blood sucking creature.

By:Boateng Emmanuel
Amaniampong SHS

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