Democratic Party Shrinks As Prominent Liberal Blacks Reject Biden

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

By Nana Kwadwo Akwaa (CTI)

Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party has been in politics for forty seven (47) years, but there is no record or accomplishment that the Black Communities can recount from his quarters as a policy in favour of their general development. Aside Joe Biden as an individual adding nothing to the wellbeing of the Black Communities, the Democratic Party as a whole has been a bigger disaster for them.

Most Black Communities are found in Democratic Party run (Blue) States, and most of these States and Black Communities are saddled with abject poverty, drug addiction, crime, chaos, poor educational and health facilities, among others.

The 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) came off between Monday 24th August and Thursday 27th August, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it had some prominent Blacks such as Tim Scott, Vernon Jones, Burgess Owens, Ja’Ron Smith, Herschel Walker, Kim Klacik, Jack Brewer, among others passing through and telling the true realities of the stories of Blacks, and they were all really heartbreaking stories on the devastating impact of the Democratic Party on the lives of Blacks, and how the Party felt they owned Black’s entire being, life and soul just as was under the era of Slave Trade, and just as Joe Biden rightly demeaningly and dismissively described it in an interview with Charlamagne tha God on Friday 22nd May, 2020 that; “I tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black”. The 2020 RNC came to an end with a massive fundraising and record viewership than what the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) recorded; 76 million dollars against 70 million dollars and 147.9 Million viewers against 122 million viewers.

Majority of Blacks and Black Communities have started falling out of their liberal ideologies and stance due to their gradual enlightenment and recognition of the realities that the Democratic Party has never had their welfare at heart aside their use for their election fortunes and political gimmicks through the employment of Blacks to stimulate turmoil, anxiety and disaffection among electorates and the populace, and after that, leave them and their cities completely devastated and wrecked as they have been using Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other similar groupings for.

The aforementioned enlightenment is what has brought about the creation and booming of the membership of Pro-Black Conservative movements and groupings such as Black Exit (BLEXIT), Walk Away Campaign, Black Voices for Trump and others. The Democratic Party is also witnessing prominent and influential Black members of their ideology such as Leo Terrell, Vernon Jones, Candace Owens, Jack Brewer and others falling out of their camp, an annihilating situation to the Democratic Party due to such happenings at a period of closeness to the 2020 general elections.

Candace Owens Farmer, born on 29th April, 1989 was identified as a liberal and a fierce critic of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party until 2017 when she began describing herself as a Conservative Trump supporter. Between 2017 and 2019, she worked for Turning Point USA, a conservative advocacy group as the association’s communications director. She is the founder of Blexit Movement, a Movement which was launched in late 2018 to enlighten and persuade Blacks to leave and push aside the Democratic Party and its ideologies.

Leo James Terrell, an ardent Democrat born on 1st February, 1955 is an American civil rights attorney and talk radio host based in Los Angeles, California. In July 2020, he declared his support for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, a first time he has declared support for a Republican Party’s presidential candidate.

Vernon Jones, an avid Democrat born on 31st October, 1960 is an American politician from the State of Georgia, United State of America (USA). He is currently a member of the Georgia House of Representatives. In April, 2020, Jones announced his endorsement of President Donald Trump for re-election.

Jack Brewer, a Democrat and a staunch supporter of former President Barack Obama born on 8th January, 1979 is a former American Football Safety who played professionally in the National Football League (NFL) for the Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Arizona Cardinals. Brewer in 2019 threw his support for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

The aforesaid awakening and revolution which is spreading fast across Black Communities is as result of the incredible accomplishments by President Donald Trump which is having direct impact on Blacks and their communities.

Note, in 2016, then-Candidate Donald John Trump did not only go to Michigan, but he actually went to Flint, Detroit. He actually did this to show how much he cared and appreciated the Black Communities, and these are some of the things that Republicans mostly do not do as candidates.

More over, it is mostly trumpeted by various researchers, and political and economic pundits that, President Donald John Trump has done more for Blacks and the Black Communities than any President, since Lincoln. And it is believed that President Trump secured this effort through actions like the passing and initiation of the Criminal Justice Reform, Opportunity Zones, cutting taxes for job creation, and improvement of education.

For instance, the First Step Act, one of the accomplishments of President Donald Trump for the Black Communities was passed in 2018. The law included significant reforms to address habitual reduction in crime such as helping prisons improve their rehabilitation programs such as equipping non-violent inmates with the professional and social skills they need to become productive members of society following their release, and also allowing non-violent inmates to earn early-release credits for good behavior more easily. Per this law, more than five thousand, five hundred (5,500) prisoners have been released so far.

Also, through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, President Trump initiated the Opportunity Zones, a program that allows investors to lower their tax bill in return for investing in low-income neighborhoods. Through targeted tax incentives, the initiative is projected to spur a huge economic growth in underdeveloped communities around the country through a generation of approximately $100 billion of new private investment in such communities.

To add up, through the elimination of job-killing regulations and cutting of taxes for the middle class, President Trump has given millions of African Americans a chance to thrive in a strong and growing economy. Note, since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the U.S. economy has created one million and seventeen thousand (1,017,000) new jobs for African Americans. The national black unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 5.5 percent. Unemployment for black women is even lower, at 4.4 percent. More importantly, the overall black-white employment gap is smaller than it has ever been.

Further more, per the understanding of President Trump, the foundation of economic success is quality education. To achieve this, President Trump gave loan forgiveness to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) through a sign of an amount of $360 million grant to support HBCU; by far the most that any president has ever appropriated for HBCUs. More so, President Donald John Trump has continuously made School Choice a priority, a policy which is highly in favour of Blacks and Black Communities. Note, School choice is the term for giving students and families options in educational choices, usually referring to charter schools and/or vouchers for private schools. This policy seeks to table and expand the alternatives to traditional public schools for children who have poor educational options in their neighborhoods, and also to give parents a choice in their children’s education through government part financing or bringing about a reduction in the educational cost of Private and Charter Schools. School choice therefore offers low-income Blacks and Black Communities an effective way to break the cycle of poverty and provide their children with a better future.

Hhhmm, May God be praised always

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa


Member, Critical Thinkers International (CTI)

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