Demolish Combined Petro-Gas Station At Obuasi.


Siting of fuel filling stations in residential areas is becoming fashionable. Worrying as the situation may be, the filling stations seem to be springing up either on the blind side of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or with an overt negligence of officialdom.

PETRO AFRIQUE3This development seems to suggest that as a people, we never learn from the tragedies and agonies that befall us any day.Mushrooming of fuel filling stations in developing residential neighbourhoods in Obuasi in particular also exhibits a vivid case of systems and institutional failure.

This situation smells the most as the ”PETRO AFRIQUE” a renowned filling station company in obuasi, decided to combine a gas station with petro-diesel station at its Mangoase (a suburb in obuasi) branch. A life threatening establishment which can acclaim innocent lives should there be an explosion.

Construction has already gone through and operations are taking place while authorities with myopic vision watch, cachinnate and guffaw about the situation. These same authorities would be the hypocritical ones to voice out concerns after there is big problem in line with this particular situation.

PETRO AFRIQUE2Obuasi is no one man land if that is what the so called influential individuals are thinking .To the owner of the company, it is indeed reflecting on how careless and unloving an individual can be towards his fellow, subjecting the inhabitants of Mangoase, and Bogobri (all being suburbs of Obuasi) to pending danger.

The local government must set in on this situation. We the patriotic inhabitants of obuasi are throwing a quick-to-answer challenge to the MCE of obuasi. The government has indeed started a demolishing exercise to prevent any rise of the June 3,2015 situation,which has render some people homeless and jobless as at now. This shouldn’t be in the metropolis only, every portion of Ghana must be checked. The above stated problem is a major life threatening one which can acclaim thousands of life should an explosion occur.

The constitution is no respecter of the wealthy, influential and any persons and therefore the combined gas and petro-diesel station by PETRO AFRIQUE at obuasi mangoase must be demolished or ceased to operate.

God bless motherland, Ghana God bless Obuasi, God bless advocacy leaders and patriotic citizens of Ghana

source ? ?Samuel Gyekye Mensah (SUPREMO)

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