Demolition Exercise: Areas in Kasoa Kwao Mensah Krom Community in Ruin

Social Demolition Exercise
Social Demolition Exercise

…The motivation behind the demolition exercise remains unclear,

Couple of days ago the Kasoa community witnessed a demolition exercise that left a trail of destruction and devastation in its wake. The sound of crumbling walls and shattering glass filled the air as buildings and structures that had stood for decades were reduced to rubble. The exercise, carried out by alleged self-style chiefs has sparked outrage and grief among residents and business owners who feel their livelihoods and heritage have been destroyed.

The demolition targeted several stores and wooden structures, many of which were family-owned businesses and homes. The affected individuals were given little notice, and their pleas to spare their properties fell on deaf ears. The scene was chaotic, with people scrambling to salvage what they could from the wreckage.

The community is reeling from the shock, struggling to come to terms with the scale of destruction. The demolition has not only destroyed physical structures but also erased memories, traditions, and a sense of belonging. The affected individuals are left to pick up the pieces, unsure of how they will rebuild their lives and businesses.

The motivations behind the demolition exercise remain unclear, but many suspect it is part of a larger plan to gentrify the area and make way for new developments or resale the lands to unscrupulous buyers.The community is demanding answers and justice, calling for those responsible to be held accountable.

As the dust settles, the community comes together to support those affected and fight for their rights. The demolition exercise may have destroyed buildings, but it will not break the spirit of the people. We will rebuild, and we will emerge stronger and more united than ever.

A Voice of Resistance: Chief Stands Against Demolition Exercise

In the aftermath of the demolition exercise that ravaged some areas in Kasoa community, Nana Otuboah Kwesi Gariba I who doubles as the chief executive officer of the Kasgar Construction Ventures has emerged as a beacon of hope and resistance. as a respected community leader and advocate, has taken a bold stance against the destruction, rallying the community and demanding justice.

With a fierce determination in his eyes, Nana otuboah Kwesi Gariba has been vocal in his condemnation of the demolition exercise, calling it a “senseless act of destruction” that has “ripped the heart out of our community.” He has mobilized the community, organizing protests and rallies, and has been a constant presence at the site of the demolition, standing in solidarity with the affected families and business owners.

“We will not be silenced,” Chief declared in a passionate speech. “We will not be erased. We will fight for our homes, our businesses, and our community. We will rebuild, and we will emerge stronger than ever.”

He said leadership has inspired a sense of hope and resilience in the community, and his unwavering commitment to the cause has earned him the respect and admiration of all. He has become a symbol of resistance against the forces of destruction and a champion of the people’s rights.

As the community continues to rebuild and heal, will remain a powerful force, advocating for justice, accountability, and the preservation of the community’s heritage. His courage and determination will inspire generations to come, and his legacy will be one of hope, resilience, and triumph over adversity.

What’s even more alarming is that the ofaakor residents responsible for the demolition failed to inform the police beforehand, moreover, unable to produce order from the court with this is a clear violation of the law.

This brazen disregard for legal procedures has left many wondering if those in power are above the law. The demolition has not only caused destruction and displacement but also undermined trust in the system.

1. An immediate investigation into the illegal demolition
2. Accountability for those responsible
3. Compensation for affected property owners
4. A commitment to upholding the law and protecting citizens’ rights

The rule of law must be respected, and those in power must be held accountable for their actions. We will not stand idly by as our community is torn

Banahene’s report

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