Ghana Health Service
Ghana Health Service

No place is safe when you are Ghanaian. Not even our churches. In July this year, one Nana Akwesi Agyemang, a supposed pastor of the Shiva Linga Church in Abdijan, was reported to have been sentenced to a 15 year term by Justice Charles Quist of the Accra Fast Track High Court for defiling eight girls, some as young as three years; who are daughters of members of his congregation.

Ghana Health Service
Ghana Health Service

Our health facilities are better not talked of. On regular basis we hear the ruthlessness of health professionals and their brutal negligence that is causing the death of many.
Two weeks ago Joy FM aired the traumatic stories of two prominent media personalities who lost close relatives under bizarre circumstances; better called medical negligence.

Then this Monday this same station aired another story of the death of an 18 year old which the father alleges to be due to the negligence of a medical doctor at the Ridge Hospital. These are few of the many that go unnoticed.
I have felt stories of medical ruthlessness on a number of occasions. One as a service personnel in a reputable hospital in Accra; another as I moved my patient from one facility to the other one late midnight; with the most compassionate being when I had to work out stories for a man who lost the wife to medical negligence and was being victimised.

But these are not to take away the good in the bad. I once had my best man given one of the most responsive, attentive and friendly care at a facility in Takoradi. Even though it was late, the Nurse on duty gave him her best. To the extent that she even gave him her smile. I must confess, she is so compelling and charming that her presence alone could be the healing you have gone to seek. My only concern was with the nasty nature of the care room and the rusty nature of the equipments with the bed sheets appearing unwashed for years, giving the room a smell. Again, I will not dive into her motivation, because for once I want to be optimistic.
But as an ordinary Ghanaian you are always left to wonder why places that should have been haven even in our most discomfort have rather become the devils den.

Talking of Ghana?s demonic health care system further brings to bare the evil deeds of some medical professionals in Ghana. From the quacks that take advantage to sleep with gullible female clients as pre-abortion condition to those professionals engaged in illegal practices: from those who rapes and impregnate physically challenged women, just because it was crime for them to go to them for medical care; to those who leaves patients behind to go and cash in at their private facilities, we continue to find our lives threatened by these supposed caregivers.
And in all, this is what smacks me most; ??Gay medical doctor Sodomizes SHS boy??. This story has been carried extensively on the Multimedia platforms. Thanks to the boy from Bongo, Manesseh Azure Awuni.
I do not know Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass in person. I am also yet to meet him in person. But I have encountered his expertise on a number of times as a news reporter. This was three years ago. Then, Dr Ali-Gabass was always at hand to provide expertise touch to the stories of my colleagues both for radio and television. There were even times I interviewed him and little did I think of him to be in the business of ?taking his meal carnally?. Little did I imagine I could have been his victim should I have been pleasing to him.

And so to suddenly hear that such a man could be that demonic: demonic not because he is gay but because he prefers to lure innocent boys to meet his ?libidonial? demands at the expense of dignity leaves you overwhelmed and horrified.

I have been lost with words for the past days just as he is yet to fathom why he is gay. To the extent that he thinks he was born with it. God and for that matter Allah is not blind. He will not destroy nations for such acts and still raise men and women to takeover. Like masturbation, it is a habit that when not curb causes addiction.
From all indications he has destroyed many. But it is never late to save the future. For Ali-Gabbass he must be made to face the full rigours for his inhumane act.

For us youth workers we must never relent in empowering the young ones to be outspoken and assertive. Government and guardians must never fail in enacting and implementing measures to deal ruthlessly with those who abuses young people.

For the health fraternity, let it be known, we cannot continue to buy your sickness instead of your recovery and expect us to be cool. The insensitivity of some your professionals make Ghana?s health care system demonic worthy of deliverance. So forgive me if this has been bit insensitive and general. It was a medical telegraph intended to diagnosis men whose diagnosis should have prescribed healing yet preferred to put him under drugs for the rest of his life. This is your deliverance from Mount Zion.

And in as much as Dr. Paul Ntodi, Medical Director of the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital thinks of this demonic misconduct to be private, he should not forget that any private conduct that brings the name of the facility in disrupt deserve punitive measures. Lest he forget, Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabbas is mostly presented as a senior medical doctor at the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital. So is Dr. Ntodi saying, these are the private acts of medical doctors at his facility? I leave for all to decide.

The Writer is an African Youth Activist and a Ghanaian Correspondent for Ignite the Youth Africa. He is a regular contributor to a number of online platforms.

Source: Bernard Kwofie


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