sanitary pads
sanitary pads


I was completely overwhelmed when I first read on social media circles a piece which says Mahama?s pad distribution Policy is a form of occultic ritual to help him sustain the presidency come 2016. I couldn?t simply stop asking myself when ghanaians and for that Africa would be relieved of indoctrination and spiritual slavery? And what aggravates the situation most is when I see intellects or learned men championing this course, all in the name of ?politricks?.

I was on my usual news hunting when I came across this gibberish; ?Mahama?s Pad Campaign is Demonic ? Sammy Awuku?. Sammy Awuku, the Youth Organizer of the main opposition NPP is among those waging war against the government?s decision to distribute sanitary pads to school girls in deprived areas. These heartless opposers have used their cheap propaganda to create a gap between parents and government in this country, they have deceived the public by claiming that the pads are meant for spiritual purposes. Meanwhile, government has explained that it has secured a $156million loan from the world bank to finance the construction of secondary schools, serve as scholarship to financially challeged students and part for the distribution of pads to school girls in remote areas. It obvious, the distribution of pads for the school girls is totally illogical but how to ply about it counts!

Therefore, in playing politics with this, one must be skeptical not to indoctrinate the innocent ghanaians at large. It?s completely out of place for the opposition or analysts to spiritualize this agenda especially in this twenty-first century when science and technology has ruled out all these fallacies.

I was equally mad when I heard government?s decision to use part of a secured loan to fund the distribution of pads. It was quite unsual and I would never be happy with Mahama for this, yet I don?t have any spiritual meaning into it.

Spiritualism and Superstitious beliefs have caused great havoc to the development of Africa already; so I won?t take it lightly when I see knowledgeable men go that primitive because they should know better. So I expect them(politicians) to demonstrate realistic ideas to teach the ignorant masses. Due to this same ignorance, a number of false prophets and fetishes have gained popularity because of their acclaimed spiritual aid and are mentally enslaving others.

I don?t bear membership card in any political party in this country but have stood out as a concerned citizen to help tirelessly fight for the renaissance of the entire Africa from any form of indoctrination. Like Marcus Garvey once said ?liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men?.

I must confess, I would not succumb to spare Mahama for this ?pad bamboozle?. There are trillions of developmental projects to undertake but for him to choose the supplying of pads to school girls, he must have reasons.

If we care to even dive into the spiritual side of politics, we would find out that almost all are politicians are in secret cults. The consultations and sacrifices they (politicians) do during elections is enough to say the least. Don?t be like the hypocrite, trying to let your friend out because of your political difference!

I?m therefore warning you those nation-wreckers to put your spiritual deceit aside and play fair game, otherwise. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .WATCHOUT FOR PART 2!




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