Demonstrate God’s love to mark Valentine’s Day – Rev Tete


The Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, Chairman of the Tema Zone Three Local Council of Churches, on Sunday asked the Christian society in Ghana to mark “Valentine’s Day” by extending the divine love of Christ to others.

“We must mark the day as a Christian event through the creation of a safe haven to the less privilege in a manner that reinforces the true meaning of love, for which reasons we celebrate valentine,” he said.

Rev. Tete told the Ghana News Agency at Tema that the distorted credence for valentine being a time for “the youth to indulge in sex parties and sex orgies, and a time where virgins gift their virginity to boyfriends” in the name of valentine has become popular over the years, and is corroding the moral fabric of society.

According to him, if the church engages its members and integrate the love of Christ in their followers to mark the day, it will prevent them from joining the irresponsible acts and sexual orgies which he claimed was evident with shortage of condoms mostly on February 14 year after year.

“Instead of churches leaving the day out, they should use the day to hammer home the need for Christians to extend love to all,” he said.

“As the nation has christened Valentine Day as the National Chocolate Day to promote the patronage of chocolates; churches can also use the day to promote and extend the love of Christ to all humanity, to restore the true meaning of love, for which reason we celebrate valentine,” Rev. Tete added.

Quoting John 3:16, he retreated on how much we are loved by God, for which reason, we must replicate that same love of God to everybody, “even those who have not come to his saving grace”.

Rev Tete also expressed concern about COVID-19 pandemic as it had made it impossible for the churches to engage in any extra gatherings to mark the day, otherwise, it was in order if the churches organised programmes for its members to mark the day, so that they don’t celebrate the day like the world do.

He encouraged the Christian society in Ghana and the general public to show love to all persons aforetime, and not just a day on the Calendar “so that, when the Lord ask us, where is our brother, you don’t say, am I my brothers’ keeper?”.

“God is love and love is God and that he who claims loves the Lord but hates his brother is a liar and the love of God is not in him,” he admonished.


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