The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, has asked the President to quickly release the list of Deputy Ministerial nominees for the various ministries.

He said when the list is presented to Parliament on time, it will enable the House carry out the vetting and subsequent approval as early as possible, so that a delay wouldn’t affect the activities of the chamber.

The President has so far named his Ministers, Regional Ministers and Deputy Regional Ministers.

Last week, the list of Deputy Regional Ministers was presented to Parliament for approval. He is however yet to name his Deputy Ministers for the various ministries.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament, Haruna said the anxiety surrounding the naming of Deputy Ministers will end if the President releases the list.

“The Appointments Committee will continue public hearing on Tuesday, even though it does not lie with us to anticipate, but we are expecting that the full  set of the President’s deputy Ministerial list will come so that the anxiety that you are subjected to will end and probably the accusations that you are removing certain names can end.”

“Mr. Speaker, we say we are expecting the full set of the Deputy Ministerial list. If it does not even come with additional Ministers of State, and therefore if it is not done within time, I will not be available to sit during research for consideration, and I am sure it is same with my other colleagues because it will be an exercise in futility… You will bring a list of Deputy Ministers here, but bring it on time so that Mr. Speaker and his Appointments Committee can look at it early so that before we rise, we have the full set of government.”

By: Marian Ansah/
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